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Starboard Carve and Severne Convert Rig offer 2023

Starboard Carve and Severne Convert Rig offer 2023
Starboard Carve and Severne Convert Rig offer 2023Starboard Carve and Severne Convert Rig offer 2023

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// Starboard Carve 141lt 2023 and Severne Convert Rig Package

A great package with top notch components and great savings. Everything you need to get on the water.
Complete package includes
2023 Starboard Carve board classic fast freeride ,complete with fin and straps
Severne Convert Sail in a choice of sizes Severne's excellent CONVERT sail offers light, easy performance with great durability thanks to the X-Ply construction. There are quality rig components of mastfoot , deckplate and extension from TSL ( Tushingham) & Radz.
TSL adjustable boom to suit the sail size.

TSL RDM C60 or SDMC50  carbon mast.
Radz Mastbase
Radz Extension
Uphaul and rigging

Carve Starlight Carbon 2023:

The exciting new 2023 Carves deliver big on effortless planing, autopilot jibing and a controlled ride in any conditions. We never felt so accomplished about a board range. Each board individually shaped for the intended conditions and skill level. On the larger sizes, a long flat section makes for extra easy passive planing and a smooth ride to let you find the footstraps effortlessly. Midrange sizes carve like a small board, yet switching your stance and flipping the sail you have the confidence of a bigger board, thanks to a combination of thinned out rails towards the tail and thicker forward rails. The small sizes deliver a true sporty feel with higher top end speed and that extra bit of control you’ll need for windsurfing confidently in strong wind.Starboard developed the Starlite Carbon Construction to answer a quest for a construction that would combine four crucial factors: Performance, Durability, Value and Low Environmental Impact. The result is a great combination, delivering strongly on all four criteria with direct, responsive onwater feel and no compromise on your riding comfort.

The Severne Convert V1 Convert sail:-easy freeriding. Intermediates and progressing windsurfers will really appreciate the light feel and smooth power delivery of the CONVERT. Easy to rig with low luff-curve, there's a springy, forgiving feel to the rig and the X-Ply panels bring added reliability over pure monofilm sails, 

The Severne Convert V2 Rig:-The next generation Convert delivers price competitive performance. The latest SEVERNE sail shaping technology, as well as, graded monofilm construction goes into this sail. The Convert is ideal for blasting, suited for the recreational or intermediate windsurfer.Featured technologies such as “gradient monofilm construction” already have a proven track record. High performance freeride sails, as well as, racing sails already feature this.

TSL C60 RDM or TSL C50 SDM mast : 

Probably the best selling mast brand in the UK for decades,Tushingham have updated not only their graphics and name but also their flex characteristics to make them  compatible with the widest range of sail brands available. From the UK’s most prestigious windsurfing brand, TSL is the continued product line from the Tushingham range. Tushingham masts have long been revered for their quality, reliability, and value. Their attitude towards research and development has never faltered and as a result, TSL  Masts are still as popular as they have always been. TSL also produce good quality booms and accessories which are perfect for both the everyday and the professional windsurfer.The quality and heritage of production remain the same, the flex characteristic changing to constant curve - and if you have Tushingham rotational sails , don't worry , your sail will still feel good rigged with the new models.

TSL  -Very good stiffness is achieved by the monocoque construction, with the arms a single piece of alloy tubing running through the front-end. 140 -200cm or 160-220cm to suit sail size chosen .A wide 60cm adjustment range,New school wide front ends; 28.5mm grip; Strong, easy to adjust front-end clamp; Ergonomic grip.

Radz Extension, RDM or SDM to suit mast,  Radz Euro Pin mast base and TSL |Elasticated Uphaul completes the rig pack.

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