Tushingham Bolt now in stock!

June 20th, 2014 by in Surfstore News

The wait for Tushingham’s new freeride sail range is over . ‘The Bolt’ is now in stock. Tushingham have been working on this collection for the past year.

A sail range that changes in style and configuration as it increases in size but maintains a lightweight, smooth feeling throughout. It replaces the ‘Storm’, ‘T4’, ‘Lightning’ and the ‘Edge’with one sail range that changes style as it increases in size; Freemove, Freestyle, Freeride and Freerace are now all condensed into one super accessible package.

For riders with specific requirements the specialist sails remain , The Rock for hardcore wave, the X-15 for speed/slalom and of course, the championship winning XR Race together with the full range of entry level sails (Start, Dino, Concept and Easy).

The Bolt four batten configuration covers the sizes 4.0mt to 5.25mt. It has been designed to feel incredibly light in the hands for manoeuvre orientated sailing but still retains good top end.

The Bolt 5 batten covers sizes 5.5mt; 5.75mt; 6.0mt; 6.5mt. As the sail gets bigger there is an extra batten to lock in the stable smooth power and to make sure the additional load doesn’t cause the leech to break away.

The Bolt 6 batten covers sizes 7.0 and 7.5mt. It builds on the design of the test winning T4 with a cut out clew allowing shorter boom lengths, easier rigging and improved handling

The Bolts largest three sizes, 7.8; 8.5; 9.5mt come with two roller cams to lock in the camber for maximum low end power combined with high end stability.

The first batch of Bolts have arrived in the UK and stocks are limited so if you want one, then do order soon.

To find out more details of this exciting new range,

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