Nobile enter the Delta market; the new N62.

April 9th, 2009 by in Surfstore News

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A bit of a big one this; Nobile’s new Delta oriented kite, the N62. Delta kites are getting very popular, and for the last year Mark has been working on his own Delta project, trying to incorporate as much of the higher end handling characteristics into the easy to use platform of the Delta kite. After a lot of work, here is the result, and it’s squarely aimed at being the best handling Delta kite on the market, as it’s been tested quantitatively against them all right through it’s development.

Here is a rough guide of Delta’s issues and the N62′s answers to sort them out;
- Deltas sitting back in the window makes for less vertical jumps and poorer upwind performance.
*Efficiency has been improved, so upwind and jumping is more like the traditional hybrids.

- Turning although fast is axial, or bowlike, so the kite will turn without developing power, so it’s of no use for freestyle, or any moves where power is needed through the turn (waveriding too!).
*Turning ability has been engineered with more forward speed, so while this is certainly no NHP it is possible to do unhooked moves on whist having the kite turn. The N62 is (as all delta kites are) low aspect, and with correct foiling only in need of three struts which makes for a far lighter, more precise and athletic kite.

- The steering input and bar feedback is vague. Just like the original Bows the front lines are compromised (tow points too close together) and the resultant bar feel is wishy – washy; you can’t really tell what the kite is doing unless you are looking at it!
*Steering input is far more direct with modifications to bridling and kite shape so that the front lines have much more feel. As a result the kite feels far more reactive.

- Some of the best selling Deltas are prone to backstalling; ie, when you sheet them in hard at the back of the window they slow, stall and can even fly backwards.
*The N62 profile has been specifically engineered NOT to backstall. All Nobile kites since their launch have been very resistant to backstalll, and this technology has been further enhanced in the N62.

Kites are due to arrive here on Tuesday, and here is the entirity of the Nobile press release for the N62;

The N62 delivers the latest generation of design into the Nobile kite range. A kite that makes EASE the focal point in its performance – its innovative, D2 (Delta Evolution) shape and reduced aspect ratio offer super stability, as well as delivering easy power control, direct handling, instant re-launch and simple rigging. An ideal kite for riders who value ease and simplicity in their kiting and those who ride in demanding conditions where control is paramount.

The D2 shape of the N62 features reduced sweep through the wing tips compared to a traditional delta, ensuring phenomenal low-end performance, massive wind range and pivotal turning, without the indirect, imprecise handling of a traditional delta. This kite delivers “park and ride” ease. Point it where you want to go and concentrate on your riding. Excellent “sink back” characteristics, (the ability of the kite to drop back into the window, instead of luffing and falling out of the sky, should you get yourself too far under the kite) ensure the N62 is forgiving of rider error. However, in the event the kite does get wet, the auto re-launch will have it back up in the air with the minimum of rider technique or effort. We’ve adapted a reduced strut configuration, uncomplicated bridle and SMART pump II to make rigging simplistic. A single point attachment for the front lines and a two-knot option for the rear line attachments allow the riders to tune the bar to their preferred position. The N62 benefits from the usual, excellent performance, build quality and safety characteristics of the innovative Nobile control bar and the revolutionary Fulcrum Quick Release.

With ease at the forefront of its design the N62 will give riders maximum safety and confidence as they take their riding to another level. Whatever your style, ability or riding conditions the N62 introduces a new era of versatility and all terrain performance.

available sizes: 5m, 7m, 9m, 11m and13m

* SMART Pump 2 Inflation System
The SMART (Single-point, Multiple-valve, Air-distribution with Removable Tubes) pump inflation system has been extensively modified for 2009. The uniquely designed valves and removable tubes connecting the kite’s individual bladders, are now even more user-friendly for inflation and deflation and for removability in the event of bladder punctures or kite damage that needs repair.

* D2 (Delta Evolution) Shape
The reduced strut, D2 shape of the N62 give it the lowest aspect ratio in the Nobile Kite range. Riders are rewarded with impressive stability, pivotal turning and progressive power control. The front to back sweep in the wind tips of the N62 stops short of traditional deltas, avoiding the loss of direct feeling that is so often associated with them.

* Reduced Bridle Simplicity
The Natural Arc stability of the N62 is maintained by a simple 3 point SLE bridle. Multiple rear line attachments allow the user to tune the turning speed of the kite without having to resort to complicated bridle adjustments.

* 3 strut Layout
The low aspect ratio of the N62 allows us to achieve incredible stability whilst incorporating only 3 inflatable struts. Higher aspect ratio kites require more struts to control the large expanses of unsupported canopy however, fewer struts means a lighter kite with increased agility and faster inflation/deflation

*Short De-power Throw
The 2009 Nobile 4 line control bar and N62 work together to ensure power control is progressive and predictable within a short de-power throw. Moving from maximum power to full de-power is achieved with a range of movement that is within easy, comfortable reach of the average rider.

* Outstanding safety
Safety was one of the paramount features we considered when the N62 concept was developed. Releasing the kite on the leash results in 100% de-power yet still allows the rider to recover the bar and re-launch the kite (re-ride safety). The kite is engineered to have additional depower above the level you need for normal riding, thus you have the ability to totally depower in an emergency.

* Park and Ride Handling
The N62´s superb stability and excellent handling qualities means it has never been easier to just go ride. Point the kite where you want to go and the progressive power control will take care of the rest without the need for aggressive sigma patterns. Ride towards the kite, intentionally or unintentionally, and the N62 will drift back in the window with you, without luffing or falling from the sky.

*Auto re-launch
Re-launch has never been easier. Whether it is learner error or through pushing your limits, the kite will probably end up in the water at some point. However, the incredible auto re-launch on the N62 will ensure that it isn’t there longer than necessary. Upon hitting the water the N62 reassuringly drifts to the closest edge of the window ready for re-launch with the very minimum of rider input or fuss.

*Fully featured Kite bag
The 2009 Nobile bag is designed to keep your kite in perfect condition when not in use as well as be a functional pack for each session. Dedicated external attachment points hold the bar and pump securely whilst in transit and both internal and external pockets provide plenty of extra storage space. A ¾ circumference zippered opening allows for quick and easy entry to the bag and base venting allows any water to drain out and air to circulate whilst your kite is in storage.