Kitebar bargains, surfstore has a good clearout!

March 12th, 2009 by in Surfstore News

pryde race

It been a week of clearing the decks at Surfstore…. we’ve been having a good look at our kitebar stocks and the good news is that there are some bargains to be had! We have found quite a few used bars, from C kite bars to hybrids, in varying conditions, and we’ve set prices from £15 upwards. The most expensive of the bars are coming in at £99 and they are nearly new, so when you consider that the new linesets are now retailing at £120+ from most companies they are excellent value. Details of the used kitebars can be found here

We also have some new hybrid bars at a special clearance price. These are converted C kite bars, setup with a hybrid geometry, both 4 line and 5 line to get you up and riding if you need a cheap bar this counld be a low cost answer. The bars are set to have a 70cm throw (depower range) in both 5 and 4 line versions with full safety system releases. Full details to be found here.