’09 Starboard Kode .. the hallowed two are now the hallowed three

January 10th, 2009 by in Surfstore News



Mike switches to Starboard’s ’09 Kode for the new season.

Arguably the biggest board company in the world right now, their success is a testament to some industry leading and ground braking designs over the last few years. The Carve boards were a huge success for them,

It’s not always been plain sailing though and there have been a few inconsistencies along the way, but for 2009 we think they have two mainstream board ranges that will do extremely well for them.

One of the biggest sectors in modern board designs in these colder and stormier north European locations have been the freestyle waves. Traditionally ruled by two board ranges last year, the RRD freestyle wave and the Fanatic freewave. Both of these are very different, but both cover a huge wind and condition range. Aside from absolute extremes, as 85kg I use an 86lt version with 7.0 down to 4.5 for offshore to down the line waveriding… they are really very good.

kode-studioStarboard have been struggling to break into this market with last years Kombats, but this year they have gone for the Jugular with the Kode. It’s as aggressive as the Fanatic and a little more stable and planes a little earlier. As a veteran of this style of board for a few seasons I can say it really is very good… The hallowed two has now grown to the hallowed three, and I have jumped ship myself this year to a Kode 86 in 2009,

No two riders are ever the same, but if you get a chance to try a Kode, RRD Freestyle wave, or Fanatic free wave in 5.0 to 7.0m weather, then please jump at it, these are truly exceptional boards.