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Severne S1 4.7m 2008 used

Severne S1 4.7m 2008 used
Severne S1 4.7m 2008 usedSeverne S1 4.7m 2008 usedSeverne S1 4.7m 2008 usedSeverne S1 4.7m 2008 usedSeverne S1 4.7m 2008 usedSeverne S1 4.7m 2008 used

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// S1 - wave - freestyle wave

Condition Has seen a good seasons use, but still plenty of life yet. A panel has been replaced in the luff ( image 4)

There is a repaired tear to the luff ((image 5) Some indentations and creases to the panel at the bottom of the sail.(image 6) Design A manouevre orientated wave sail which bridges the gap between wave and freestyle sails.
New generation materials and construction has reduced weight, enhanced durability and increased rig response.
Batten stiffness and taper is matched to sail size to give precise control.
A true ' throw around ' factor giving a feeling of a smaller rig but without the power sacrifice.

4.7m - 410cm luff - 161cm boom mast 400/19imcs preferably RDM

// WINDSURF UK 2009 S-1 5.3 tested October 2008

A typically well designed and built sail from Severne with user-friendly power and a very throw about nature for superb application in wave, freestyle and high wind freeride for a wide range of users.
// RIDER: Advanced to Expert

A well-designed sail with a good tune-able range with superb handling and performance for a good range of users for wave and freestyle application.
// At a Glance

5 battens
2 mini leech battens
Plenty of x-ply with some reinforced Kevlar x-ply
2 main monofilm panels
Measurements on the luff cut out for accurate boom height positioning
Double clew eyelet with good reinforcement
Alternating battens on either side of the sail
Strong double stitched seams
Reinforcement inside the luff tube
// Rigging and Set

The S-1 rigs easily, with accurate and clear rigging instructions. The sail sets with a little pre-shape (although less than the Blade) as the leech is very loose in the top 2 panels and then has a small amount of tightness in the mid-leech, which can be loosened off when the maximum downhaul setting is applied.
// Peformance

The S-1 offers plenty of early drive to the rider, helping to accelerate a board onto the plane, which is especially useful in onshore conditions. The rig feels good in the hands when up to speed; balanced and light with the drive coming from central to the rider and chest to shoulder high. This brings the sailor into a good manoeuvre oriented position. As the sailor goes over confused water states or through gusts of wind, the sail remains stable, the foil remaining solid, balanced and efficient: offering good useable drive down into the board. When the sail gets overpowered, however, the tight mid-leech starts to get a bit noisy, and the sail becomes quite 'pully' and back handed. Re-tune the sail by applying more downhaul and outhaul, though, and the mid leech opens up more (the leech going loose further down the sail) and the drive in the sail is stabilized: feeling balanced and smooth in power delivery again. While not having the biggest natural range in this group, this does demonstrate the S1's excellent tuneable range. In transition, the sail performs very well; the S1 de-powers easily allowing the sailor to effortlessly re-position the rig, whether in a turn, on a wave or during some freestyle, and as the sailor sheets in again the power comes on smoothly and reliably.
(+) A very well designed sail which offers good useable power and exceptionally light handling for a large range of users for wave, freestyle and high wind freeride.
(-) Natural range is not that good at the top end, but tuneable range more than makes up for this.
// Compared to the Blade

The S-1 has a crisper, lighter feel. Higher skin tension and a neutral pull.

// German Surf Magazine October 2008 SEVERNE S-1 5.9 2009

Mast used : Severne Red Line, RDM 430, IMCS21, 1.5 Kilo, 100% Carbon
SURF-measure : 3.6 Kgs.

For 2009m, the S-1 freestyle and wave sail has again set the benchmark on which the competition may level themselves on : Strikingly harmonious and soft in the rotation, it feels light, coherent and agile during jibing. An outstanding freestyle sail for all classes, from the beginner to the expert. It has a soft and cushioned drivability and shows outstanding performance.
// Summary

On Land: Why change a sail when it came out as test winner in 2007? From the optical point of view it looks identical to its predecessor: a lot of light and expensive e4 is integrated as support. It is not possible to endow a wavesail any better. The outhaul is notably rounded; the outline from the top of the sail to the bottom has no noticeable gimmicks. The short mast protector belongs in the past- this year, the only point that was criticized has gone. The boom cut out is, just like at Hot Sails Maui very high.
On Water: The S-1 feels light in your hands, so round and in harmony (with the rest)- does this sounds like a cheesy TV commercial? No, this is really what comes to your mind after a few rounds on the Severne S-1. The text from the previous year could be copied without any problems. The sail is identical. Nevertheless, the comparison to its competitors has to be taken into consideration. Last year, the Severne sail was by far the favorite amongst the tester It had a lot of power, it was extremely controllable even in the upper wind range and extraordinary neutral and agile during maneuvers. Nothing has changed about this: The batten rotation is as smooth as possible; the sail floats light as a feather during stall moves, duck tacks and chachoos. Even a classic freestyler will be pleased about the breezy and reactive handling characteristics: during duck jibes one can feel the excellent off right away, its sheer pleasure to dive under the flat sail. Once you sheet in however, the needed power is right there. It also has the best early planing characteristics next to the Neil Pryde Firefly. Considered from an overall point of view it is probably the most balanced Freestyle-handling sail in the group. The Simmer and the Hot appear more radical, the Gaastra and the Vandal a touch more neutral during maneuvers, at the end, the Neil Pryde seems to be bit more controllable, but its all-round strength as a fully capable wave sail for riders who like smooth sails is undisputable.
SURF-Advice : Best freestyle-all rounder for pilots who like it cushioned.

E4 laminate upper body which reduces swing weight by 25%

Aramid torsion frame. Aramid radial clew distributes the load evenly into the sail body. Heavy duty 25mm double stiched window and impact area.

Seamless foot construction with load patches.

Coloured XPly rig perimeter for durability in edges of rig.

New for 2009:

Increased durability - removal of seams in head panel and increased XPly in lower leech.

Increased stability in smaller sizes.Skin tension and shaping altered to allow 5 battens giving a more consistent feel across all sizes.

Bigger sizes have increased acceleration.Draft is locked further forward with new batten technology and new twist patterns give more efficient exhaust mechanism.

Refined batten technology, matching stiffness and taper for each batten in the sail gives more precise control.

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