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Severne S1 Wave 2008

Severne S1 Wave 2008

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Many sails these days are created in the technology domain of racers and computer programs. With Severne Sails the S1 is an example of the fundamental design difference to other designers. By combining different materials and construction technologies with ongoing refinement and good old fashioned on the ware R and D, the S-1 is a prime choice for small freestyle sails. This year it has been taken a step further and introduced 2 freestyle orientated sails - the 5.9 and the 6.3. The new generation materials and construction have allowed a reduction of weight, enhanced durability and increased rig response translating into an unbeatable 'throw around' factor giving the rider the feeling of having a smaller rig without the power sacrifice. The weight saving is acheived through extensive use of E4 material combined with extensive Aramid reinforcing in higher load areas. e4 laminate upper body
aramid torsion frame
ARC- aramid radial clew -even load distribution
heavy duty 25mm double stiched wundow and impact area
seamless foot construction with Pro -Tect hidden stitching patches
coloured X-Ply for durable colour without weight increase
New for 2008 Increased durability
Reduced weight
Larger 5.9 + for light wind and freestyle orientation
New Durasleeve Lt on 5.3 and larger sizes reduces rig weight
Higher clew position allows rider to hang more weight on boom for a quicker more reactive style.

S1 08 3.7* 4.0* 4.3* 4.5* 4.7 5.0 5.3 5.6 5.9 6.2
Mast 372 387 399 408 410 421 429 430 452 458
Boom 143 150 155 159 161 167 170 178 180 186
IMCS 370/17 370/17 370/17 400/19 400/19 400/19 400/19 400/19 430/21 430/21
weight 2.60kg 2.70kg 2.90kg 3.00kg 3.05kg 3.15kg 3.25kg 3.30kg 3.40kg 3.50kg
Price Was £359 £369 £379 £389 £399 £409 £419 £429 £439 £449

* adjustable head. All sizes have 5 battens. The 2008 S1 is only compatible with reduced diameter masts.

Severne S1 2008

Severne S1 ::


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At a Glance


The S1 is Severne's concept wave sail, acting as the testing ground for new ideas and innovations within their wave sail series. For 2007 it has gone through quite a noticeable change, dispensing with the MetaleX strips in its upper panels for a durable yet lightweight x-ply material. Using various grades of x-ply in all but the main window panel and incorporating real reinforcement throughout, the S1 is certainly built to withstand the most arduous conditions. W6II-engineered and attractive looking, it boasts all the latest manufacturing techniques and features, including fold-over seaming in the foot, a 3D moulded tack fairing, a roller pulley block in the tack and abrasion pads in vulnerable areas. Whilst setting exclusively on RDM masts, another real plus is that all the sizes within the range are designed specifically to set on a 400cm mast, making it a very practical option for the travelling windsurfer.



Rigging and Set


Pulling on tension through the downhaul, the S1 has significant pre-shape in its draft, albeit much shallower than that found in the Blade. Retaining rotation in the main two battens there is an excellent tuning range available, playing the outhaul a lot to determine the amount of power required. On maximum setting the outhaul can be applied dramatically to make the sail set relatively flat.



Ride and Handling


On the water the new S1 gave a very rounded versatile performance, which was well liked by all who tried it. Particularly light and precise at rest, it nevertheless offers a good deal of bottom end power, pushing its energy directly into the board whilst remaining incredibly crisp and balanced in the hands. Its acceleration is almost instantaneous, feeling lively and reactive as it reaches an impressive top end, efficiently twisting to exhaust any rouge gust without affecting the rider's stance. Possessing an excellent natural range to compliment its tuning capacity, the sail is fantastically diverse and can adapt to suit any riding style, being fast and efficient enough for bump and jump blasting; powerful enough to drive through cross-onshore waves; and reactive enough to handle cross-offshore utopia. In cross-onshore wave riding it doesn't pull through the turn as positively as the Blade, preferring to rely on its speed and efficiency to let the rails of the board do their work. A purist wave-rider's dream tool, the S1 is a stunning sail that allows them to concentrate on their own expressive performance.



Plus: Balanced power with fantastically light precise handling.


Minus: Only for use on RDM masts.



* :The S1 has been completely redefined for 2007, offering a whole new level precise reactive handling and useable power across an impressive wind range. It comes well recommended by us.





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