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Shinn ADHD Prismatic 2022 £675

Shinn ADHD Prismatic 2022 £675

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If high-performance kiteboarding is your game the ADHD Prismatic is the deck you've been waiting for

Explosive grip and tones of pop are generated by the hard channels running through the center of the board and into the often forgotten tip transition area of the tail. By overlapping the rail and tip channels the ADHD Prismatic reduces the energy sapping flex area located just behind the rider's rear foot ensuring it can handle high power levels with ease.

The central tail concave helps to lift the nose ideal when landing with commitment or simply when things don't go quite as planned. This Prismatic also features an increase in stiffness between your feet, a critical factor in control when landing a little hot and preventing rocker inversion and the subsequent tip strikes. A true high performance ride for both wakestyle or mega-loop riders the ADHD Prismatic retains the ease of use so vital in allowing you to unlock your full potential no matter the wind and water conditions you perform in.

140 x 41.5cm (43mm fins) (<85kg w/straps) (<80kg w/bindings)
145 x 43cm (43mm fins) (<85kg w/straps) (<80kg w/bindings)

High performance Freestyle or Big Air
Amazing range and stability
Explosive Grip and POP
Rock-Steady Landing Platform

Full Paulownia Wood Core
Unidirectional carbon stringers

Full length drive channels
Tunnel concave tips
Constant curve rocker

BITE Hi-performance G10 Fins 43mm
Sneaker 6 or Sneaker HMT (optional)

46 or 51cm options
Bindings (boots) –6” spread
Footstraps –155 mm spread

You want comfort, adjustability, secure connection and light-weight all in one package? sneaker 6 delivers them all. we stepped up to the plate keeping all your favourite features in a classic velcro set-up yet tweaked the areas we felt needed it. the timeless velcro system allows for a huge adjustment range yet still makes micro adjustments a breeze, our 3d heel cupping ensures the pad is perfect for every foot no matter the shape and size. grip to stomp your landings yet easy entry and exit when you need it – sneaker 6, a new classic

Combining the lessons from over 20 years of kiteboarding this system can be fitted to every foot but remains practical and easy to adjust<br/>

Comfort, Control and Protection - the product of more than 18 months of R and D and 20 years of riding the all new Sneaker HMT (Hold Me Tight) breaks new grounds in adjustability, security and performance. Shinn have  combined  lessons from more than 20 years of kiteboarding keeping the features they love and innovating solutions for areas they thought needed improving. Designed to fit every foot and riding stance to perfection, the Sneaker HMT is probably be the best rider/deck connection system yet.<br/>
1. Fits 6 inch (152.4mm) or 155mm insert spacing
2. Adjustable strap width through our unique Lightning Strap Holders
3. On-Pad strap adjustment to perfectly align with the Toeridge
4. Heel – Toe pad adjustment to perfectly tune your grip levels
5. Multiple ducking angles
6. Retained screws and washers to avoid losing critical parts
7. Twin strap adjustable Strap rake to perfectly match the strap angle with the top of your foot
8. Top inserted straps – easy strap removal without losing your finely chosen strap adjustment
9. Multi-layered Dual Density EVA pads for better comfort, feel and protection
10. Pre-bent Pad base ensure solid contact with board even after hundreds of hours use
11. All stance adjustments possible without unscrewing pad from board (screws only need loosening)

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