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Severne Alien Foil and Redwing Package 2022

Severne Alien Foil and Redwing Package 2022

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This complete board and foil package from Severne, provides the easiest foiling experience for the first time Wind Foiler or is equally ideally suited for the more experienced sailor looking for a more progressive setup.

 The Alien is an extremely forgiving and light weight board that provides an electric feel on the water. The Redwing foil is one of the easiest foils in terms of both setup and during use. Additionally, the Redwing platform also boasts larger and smaller front and tail wing options for unlimited progression.Easy enough for your first flights, the RedWing is fun enough to keep you foiling into gybes, 360’s and beyond. Cruise speed is set at 20knots for freeride foil performance.

/ 1400cm/2 front wing has enough area to handle low speed maneuvers whilst still being fast enough for fun.
/ The low-aspect front wing is 76cm wide, making it suited to narrower freeride foil boards 65-85cm.
/ A longer 95cm fuselage increases pitch stability and enables less concentration on foil trim..


ALIEN Freeride Foil Board

Purely designed as a windsurf foil board, the Alien enables all the variables to work in harmony and move beyond simply balancing on a foil to WINDSURFING on a foil. A functional foil board with refined details that makes foiling both accessible AND desirable.

The Alien development program was initiated when the disappointment of bolting a hydrofoil to a normal windsurf board was realized. By analyzing and gaining a deep understanding of the new variables that foiling introduced, we saw that specific foil-oriented equipment was required to elevate the experience to a true windsurfing sensation; blasting in control and carving turns rather than balanced on top, nervously trimming.

The differences between the Alien and a normal freeride are many; shape, length, rocker, stance, pretty much everything. But this new geometry works in conjunction with the foil and rig to deliver balance, and a new windsurfing world to any competent windsurfer. It opens up more locations to windsurf, and can double or triple your days on the water.

Stable enough for your first flights, the Alien has the considered details to deliver performance so as not to be outgrown.


125 - Length 210cm; Width75cm; Deep Tuttlefoil box; Ideal Sail Size;Freek 4.8-6.3;/ Foil Glide 5.0-7.0mt Rider <110kg

155 - Length 215cm; Width85cm; Deep Tuttlefoil box; Ideal Sail Size;Freek 4.8-6.3;/ Foil Glide 5.0-8.0mt, Rider <120kg

The volume distribution is very important on a foil board as it can be used in much lighter winds than you need to waterstart. So uphauling is an important consideration, and the Alien has enough volume forward to allow traditional uphaul technique with one foot either side of the mast base. A lot of volume in the back half of the board allows you to get into the straps before the board is even moving, and then kick-start up onto the foil.

Shorter length reduces the leverage and lift required by the foil to get the board out of the water and keep it there. So the Alien is much shorter than normal freeride boards, but still has enough length to be able to use the nose area for down-force at high speeds, balancing the lift from the foil. Having some length at the front also softens re-entry, minimizing catastrophic touch-downs.

The width of the board matches the widths of the foils it’s designed for. Too wide and the board has too much leverage over the foil and it’s easy to overpower the foil or not have enough support. Too narrow and the foil can dictate where the board goes. So we balance it up – Alien widths are 65-75cm wide, and designed for similar width foils.


The board is but a single part of the foiling windsurfer, and must work in harmony with other components; the foil and the rig.The geometry of all 3 components (Foil, Board, Sail) work together to promote an upright stance. This requires only small movements for the rider to trim the ride – less effort and a quicker response to control increasing or decreasing lift.
With everything working together, the balance of flight is effortless.

To achieve balance, the mast track is positioned further back to keep the rig standing vertical rather than the traditional raked back position. A vertical rig is more stable, and positions the sails’ CoE directly above the lift of the front wing.

The rider’s feet are positioned either side of the front wing, and straps are positioned closer together for a more upright stance. This allows smaller movements to maintain foil trim, and keeps the riders weight directly above the foil lift.

The foiling stance is more rotated outwards towards the rail. Less load on the rig means the twist angles necessitate more rig sheeting, and to feel comfortable in this position the back foot is out near the rail and the front strap angle is reduced.


Foiling is more fun if you don't hurt yourself. So we considered every component and how it’s user friendliness could be improved.

/ All wingtips have rounded tips and are curved down, away from kicking feet.
/ Wing covers are designed to stay on during setup, minimizing accidents while on land.
/ 90cm vertical gives enough height for correct technique, minimizing both touchdowns and breaches. / Rigid aluminium hardware delivers consistent, reliable lift which increases control.


Rigging up has never been the most fun part of windsurfing. Adding a foil can increase the complexity, so we have focused on making it as easy as possible.

/ Minimal bolts mean less to install.
/ Only 2 different bolt types – short bolts for the wings, and long ones for the vertical.
/ A single tool required. The 5mm Hex Key was selected for it’s long-term reliability, the abundance of compatible tools (many sails use this size for batten tension), and easy replacement of bolts.
/ Plug in connections between fuselage/vertical and fuselage/front wing.


If you’re flying half a metre out of the water, you don’t want that front wing moving around underneath you. Rigidity is the key to holding the wings in a consistent position. Rigidity allows you to lock in and windsurf on the foil, rather than riding a bucking bronco.

/ Vertical geometry maximizes stiffness. 19mm thick x 145mm wide. Much stiffer both longitudinally and torsionally than most carbon verticals.
/ Spigot on fuselage locks into the vertical section.
/ Fuselage uses straight sections for directional stability, and to maximize the strength/weight ratios.
/ 4x connection surfaces on the front wing connection reduces any movement.




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