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Starboard SuperCruiser Aluminium 300

Starboard SuperCruiser Aluminium 300

Price: £999.00


The Super Cruiser is the easiest foil for first flights and offers stable, smooth performance. Here's a genuine quote from a UK customer who recently bought a Super Cruiser:

"Had my first outing on the SuperCruiser today, totally blown away by it - so smooth and easy. Felt pretty quick too.
Way better than any foil I have tried before. Can’t wait for more now !!!"


"Its acceleration is creamy smooth. Simply stand up over the board and let the foil do the work. It breathes confidence and oozes the essence of freeride foiling, being both eminently accessible and enjoyable. Fitting the SuperCruiser into various boards and setups, the ability to alter the angle of the tail wing and therefore the longitudinal pitch of the board is a real bonus, tweaking and fine-tuning the setup so that it is easy to establish the right balance. Cruising at a respectable speed it is directionally very stable and predictable, providing plenty of reaching comfort for covering distances effortlessly."

The SuperCruiser Aluminium is supplied with the Aluminium V5 85cm mast. It is built from an extrusion of 6061 aluminium, a grade of aluminium that has been selected for its strength, weight and superior corrosion resistance. The V5 is extra-strong and extra stiff, making it suitable for windsurf foiling. Three oversized I beam stringers and five 12mm stainless steel bolts carry the vertical loads.  It is even stronger and stiffer than the Aluminium V7 masts used for wing and wave foils.

The Wave 370 tail wing has a large surface that gives the SuperCruiser extra flight stability, especially at low speeds and through flying foil jibes. In addition, the gentle moustache shape where the wing tips bend upwards help the tail wing to act like a trailing fin, providing more yaw stability.

**Please note the Super Cruiser uses Starboard's "wave" fittings so alternative wing sizes need to come from the wave range (1300, 2000 front, 270 tail)
All other foils are interchangeable so customers can mix and match all manner of combinations of masts, wings and fuselages)

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