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Starboard Foil Freeride 2022 Wood Sandwich

Starboard Foil Freeride 2022 Wood Sandwich

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Starboard Foil Freeride 2022 Wood sandwich

Starboard’s Foil Freeride windsurf board line have become their best-selling board of the year. What makes them so popular? Their formula is simple: they are designed to fly at maximum reaching speeds with minimum fuss, emphasising performance and foil jibe with speed and total control. What more do you need? Available in two sizes: 125 and 150 liters.

These second-generation performance freeride foil boards have extra comfortable tail shapes that give power and control to the rider’s feet. Wider tails and a thin profile adds stability during flight and allows you to pilot the board with power and precision. The wide nose acts like a wing giving maximum lift, speed and stability during flight.

Jean Louis Colmas started the development of wood sandwich boards in 1985 and by 1994 Staboard introduced his technology in their production. This collaboration led to multiple world championships titles across all disciplines in Windsurfing and it remains a Starboard original. 0.6 mm Australian pine laminated deck increases impact strength while natural unidirectional fibres create awesome reflex sensations. With 500 kg/m3 density, the Pinewood absorbs minimal resin leading to a light board and crisp ride feel. The entire board is wrapped in a 3mm PVC sandwich for long term durability and that classic feel under foot. A protective film covers the wood to hinder the sun’s UV impact over time.

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