Changing Robes and Neoprene Rigging Jackets

Robie Dry Robe Junior Long Sleeve £99.00

Robie Dry Robe Junior Long Sleeve £99.00

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Robie Dry Robes Junior , Long  Sleeve, Black / Charcoal/ Atoll Blue

Designed to protect you from whatever nature might throw at you, the Robie Dry-Series is a life-changing bit of kit for anyone who enjoys an active, outdoors lifestyle. (Trust us, once you’ve got one you won’t know how you did without it.) Whether you’re changing on the beach, hanging around at an outdoor event or walking the dog, it’s a mobile shelter against the wind, rain and cold. It comes in a handy mesh travel bag, chuck it in the boot of your car or sports bag and you’ll never be beaten by the weather again.

Please note : Not for use in or on the water. Risk of drowning.

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