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Airush Freewing Air 2020

Airush Freewing Air 2020
Airush Freewing Air 2020Airush Freewing Air 2020

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Airush Freewing Air : 

Optimal for all levels from starters, to down the lines cruisers.

FreeWing share the stoke of Kite, SUP and Windsurf into a single flying experience.

This is all-round wing, very easy to use and super light.Stable when luffed in the neutral position, makes it ideal for downwinders and carving.
Airush focused on reduced arm pressure and comfort when riding for long periods of time. The innovative long handles allow you to have a supreme control of the wing and make micro trims at speed. There has also been a focus on key performance in larger sizes for lighter wind conditions.The high visibility window allows safety in crowds and when riding different terrain.
Developed and tested in a variety of locations worldwide,they have been able to optimize both light wind and high wind performance to suit your local conditions.

Sizes: 2,3,4,5,6,7,9 mt Orange , Teal
▸ Great Stability for all kind of users.
▸ Innovative control handles for a very easy manoeuvrability.
▸ Optimal bar pressure for long rides without pain in the arms.
LONG HANDLES - The CONTROL handles provide three main features that allow a unique manage of the Wing.
▸ The length of this product allows maximum wing control without having to release your hands to vary the position.
▸ Hardness and robustness provides a fully ergonomic grip that facilitates handling.
▸ Lightness. Despite the above features, these handles are much lighter than a regular boom

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