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Fanatic Gecko 133ltd Ltd Foil Ready 2019inc, bag £1299 used

Fanatic Gecko 133ltd Ltd Foil Ready 2019inc, bag £1299 used
Fanatic Gecko 133ltd Ltd Foil Ready 2019inc, bag £1299 usedFanatic Gecko 133ltd Ltd Foil Ready 2019inc, bag £1299 used

Price: £1,699.00  £1,299.00


This board has been on the water only once.

Almost as new apart from a little mud on the footstraps , one abrasion on rail and one on rear hull as shown in the images below. Ltd. Construction, Foil ready. Complete with  Predator board bag.

.Foil specific Gecko versions (120 & 133) with a reinforced nose area and strong Deep Tuttle Foil Box
.Delivered with Tuttle Box Freeride fin
.Wide compact outline for early planing and easy manoeuvres .Increased length and parallel outline creates stability and planing support .High performance scoop rocker line with a higher entry and flat tail release .Flat deck transitioning into thinned out rails for the ultimate carving experience with a secure stance .Flat panel power V bottom shape with a slight double concave for easy planing and control .Premium full PVC Biax Fibre technology (LTD construction) for a light and crisp ride (Gecko Foil Edition 120 & 133)

Enter a new world of riding sensations with the Fanatic  Gecko Foil. Switching effortlessly between a freeride windsurfer and a foil board, it offers everything you need to just have fun! The Gecko Foil is your perfect starting point into the rapidly growing foil world. Offered in two sizes (120 & 133), the shape is identical to the Gecko windsurfing board; so with a regular fin, the Gecko Foil offers the same great freeride windsurfing experience as the original. However, with a foil fitted into the Deep Tuttle Foil Box and with the security of the reinforced nose area, the Gecko Foil offers another dimension of fun as a foil board! The 120 & 133 shapes are perfect for learning on. Their increased length and more parallel outline make them stable and easy, with just enough area and lift in the nose to always stay above the surface in the early stages of foiling. Once you’re up and on the foil, the board retains the same smooth and comfortable character that built its reputation as a windsurfing board. Both sizes are available in Fanatic's pristine and lightweight LTD construction and with plenty of performance features built in. The Gecko Foil is the perfect companion whether you decide to foil or windsurf.

When combined with the Sandwich construction, this high quality Full Biax Glass and full PVC specification provides an optimised weight/stiffness/flex ratio.
Performance Features:
- Absorbs force from impact extremely well due to 45/45 degree weave, and achieves maximum strength via an extra layer of fibres on top with a 90 degree weave
- Light and durable
- Full PVC construction
- Carbon T-Stringer for maximum stiffness
- Light weight finish






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