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Shinn Model K2 Foil

Shinn Model K2 Foil

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Shinn Model K2 Foil.

Revolutionary freeride foil designed for riders wanting to take their foiling to the next level – quickly

It’s 2 years since Shinn tore up the rule book and introduced the Model P – a revolution for learning to foil and now they are at it again. Even now there is a chasm in terms of ability needed between beginner and true performance foils – for 2019 they aim to close that gap and introduce the Shinn K2 foil.


New for the v2 foil -


- Plate is M6 AND M8 compatible


- 40mm deep socket for the mast for strength and stiffness


- Fixing Plate/Mast is now with 3 M8 screws (before was 2)


- All fixings are now TORX to allow tighter connection and easier opening


- Fuselage has re-enfoced section behind mast this adds strength in groundings and huge amount of stability especially down wind


- Nose of fuselage is reshaped for better water entry - less turbulence = more efficiency and more speed


- All parts are now Deep Anodised (coating is 40 to 60 microns deep, normal anodising is 25 microns deep)


- Mast is post-print sprayed in a matt primer, this adds corrosion resistance, improves UV stability of anodising and print and reduces resonance (a key source of foil noise)

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