Tushingham TSL Masts

TSL SDM Carbon 80% Constant Curve Inc. bag

TSL SDM Carbon 80% Constant Curve Inc. bag

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Probably the best selling mast brand in the UK for decades,Tushingham have updated not only their graphics and name but also their flex characteristics to make them  compatible with the widest range of sail brands available. 

From the UK’s most prestigious windsurfing brand, TSL is the continued product line from the Tushingham range. Tushingham masts have long been revered for their quality, reliability, and value. Their attitude towards research and development has never faltered and as a result, TSL  Masts are still as popular as they have always been. TSL also produce good quality booms and accessories which are perfect for both the everyday and the professional windsurfer.

The quality and heritage of production remain the same, the flex characteristic changing to constant curve - and if you have Tushingham rotational sails , don't worry , your sail will still feel good rigged with the new models.

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