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Airush Freeride Monocoque 800 2020

Airush Freeride Monocoque 800 2020

Price: £1,079.00


Airush Freeride Monocoque 800cm 2020 

Aimed at Intermediate to advanced riders.
Ultra-low drag monocoque configuration.
800cm2 front wing.

The Airush Freeride Foil features a new generation low drag monocoque design that offers incredible stiffness, and high-speed performance without losing the ease of use for intermediate riders. The intermediate aspect ratio 800cm2 front wing features new generation profiles for higher speed. At speed the longer mast gives you more time to react, and additional clearance for the rear wing.

Flight starts at super slow speed, making early intermediates progress rapidly, light wind sessions effortless and complex moves possible when speed decays. The inherant drag / lift ratio is balanced perfectly allowing constant front foot pressure at low and high speed, which coupled with inherantly intuative pitch controls allows you to power up to almost race foil top speeds. The 95cm alloy mast is a new extrusion, less chord, thicker sidewalls, new more spreamlined shape and far stiffer than normal. Finally, the monocoque fuselage/wing construction brings a unique level of stifness to the foil, only previously found on the worlds premier racefoils, which gives huge control and feedback when riding.

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