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Airush Core Foil 2018 On Offer!

Airush Core Foil 2018 On Offer!

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- High quality, performance oriented packs for beginner to expert. - 16x9 bolt mounting - compatible with Shinn and all other euro brands.
- Compatible with all 2019 Core  foil components.
All new modular design.Unique freeride wing designs for stability and speed. Low drag fuselage and plate.
Designed to take you from your first steps in foiling to advanced freeride. The Airush Core Comp  Foil features our high stability, low drag wing design, on a redesigned fuselage with a low profile plate mounting as a standard option.
The modular design can be configured with different length masts, board mounting systems and wing configurations to suit your riding level and personal preference. The vertical mast configuration to 9 x 16cm plate is compatible with most standard boards and can be configured with a Tuttle System if required.
Choice of Packs:
Pack 1
This set uses the running gear (mast/fuselage/rear wing) of the 2018 Core  foil 80 X 19 with Carving Wing (1050cm2) offering huge stall resistance - the lowest sustained foiling speed and the best manoeuvrability, ideal for carving and learning, whilst still having good efficiency.
Pack 2
Core Foil complete with 80 mast and Freeride (550cm2 Wing)
This is a fast freeride setup, possible but not the easiest to learn on. Quick and efficient. Alloy Mast and fuselage with Pre-preg carbon wings. Great for covering distance, touring and higher speed work.
Pack 3
Core Foil compete with 80 mast and High Lift (1000cm2 Wing)
This is a super early flying wing, ideal for learning with a very efficient feel. Ideal for super light winds, transitional riding and has huge stall resistance - a perfect beginner foil and also ideal for those wanting to master more slow speed freeride tricks.
Pack 4
This set has 80cm  mast with both the freeride and the high lift wings for those who want to switch between more speed oriented distance covering and lighter power manoeuvre oriented riding.

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