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Shinn El Stubbo

Shinn El Stubbo
Shinn El StubboShinn El Stubbo

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Short length, extra width for less than perfect footwork, high nose rocker to avoid touch-down catapults and a pulled in tail for easy control when carving – all features conceived for foil use which have proved infectiously entertaining for off-foil fun too. Few boards manage multi-use well but this beauty excels in sliding skate style, wave or hydro-foil action making it as close to the one board quiver as we’ve come. 

Utilizing Shinn unique Foil Plate to add rigidity when needed and yet maintain controlled flex and chop-munching capabilities when ridden in more conventional mode, El Stubbo can be taken with 0,1, 2 or 3 straps, in Quad-fin, twin fin TT or hydro foil flight mode.

 Available in board only mode (supplied with directional straps, quad fins and surf pad) or as the full monty (including foil plate and your choice of Alu or Carbon Zeeko foils). El Stubbo provides performance riding from 6 up to 35 knots with only 2 kites, one foil and one board – outstanding versatility and fun on every trip to the beach. 


• Foil Inspired Design that’s amazing in all conditions 

.• Full wood core and 2 year warranty 

• Quad Fin design • Foil Plate compatible 

• Lightwind, Foil, Strapless, Waves 

• 6 till 35 knot performance Size: 135 x 50


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