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Duotone Uni XT Alu euro pin

Duotone Uni XT Alu euro pin

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Duotone UNI XT
The first and only extension on the market which is compatible with ALL sail brands.

UNI.XT – the most technically advanced and yet the most lightweight standard aluminium extension Duotone have ever built. Now also available  using AERO carbon technology to create the most lightweight extension in the world.

When it comes to standard extensions, everyone has probably experienced some nasty surprises at some point. They rarely fit with the rope alignment on the sail, most of them need high downhaul forces, and more often than not the mechanism for adjusting the height is extremely fiddly. Before designing the UNI.XT Duotone analysed all of these issues in detail and came up with workable solutions. The strong and super-solid UNI.XT extension may look like numerous other standard extensions at first glance, yet it is replete with innovations which make it a far superior product.

DOUBLE FOOT TRIM - 30% POWER SAVING! In terms of rigging comfort the UNI.XT offers much more than existing standard extensions. In order to ensure the most effective tensioning of the downhaul, Duotone have designed the cup under ergonomic points of view incorporating the DOUBLE.FOOT.TRIM. Through the intelligent positioning of the cleat, for the first time it is now possible to prop with both feet against the cup, and thus cope far greater forces avoiding lower back strain. Now you can use the same technique for the downhauling as in rowing, where you naturally also use both feet to mobilize maximum power through pushing with the feet rather than pulling through your back. That increases the power efficiency by approx. 30% compared to the usual one foot operation!

2 THREAD SYSTEM UNI.XT - NOW COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SAIL BRANDS! The UNI.XT features a stainless-steel open pulley enabling loop-loop-go rigging – the fastest and most comfortable way to rig your sail! The UNI.XT is now the first choice even for sails with twisted tack-rollers (e.g. Loft, Naish, Severne). Yet their rope distribution has been taken into account during construction. Furthermore, this roller arrangement for the first time enables the Loop-Loop-Go feature for all sail brands. Simply fit the rope loop over one of the outer rollers and start trimming.



RAPID RELEASE UNI.XT 2.0 - INSTANT DE-RIGGING! Due to the modified position of the standard cleat, just place one foot on the extension and pull the rope with a short jerk out of the cleat – done.

STORAGE SLOT-AVOIDS TANGLED ROPES! All UNI.XT and POWER.XT 2.0 feature a slotted top cap. This way you can get rid of the excess rope during storage and transportation.





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