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JP Xcite Ride Plus 2018 FWS

JP Xcite Ride Plus 2018 FWS

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2018 JP X-Cite Ride FWS

Great comfort and unmatched control are the essential characteristics which come paired with early planing and high performance in a traditional shape package. They come well recommended for most recreational windsurfers. PLUS, they are very exciting and fun to ride, jibe and carve. Compared to the Magic Rides they require a slightly more advanced rider but in return offer a more direct and sporty feel. Jump on them and feel the extra performance PLUS!
For more that 12 years the name X-Cite Ride is the trademark for comfortable and sporty free riding and the current version with the ‘Plus' is no exception. Outstanding test reports have confirmed this. The French WIND magazine made the 135 their test winner because it can be sailed "with eyes closed". And the German SURF likes the 125 because it "planes particularly effortlessly and you won't notice a planing barrier".

The 6th X-Cite Ride generation features the latest and best traditional shape and outline concepts. As such they offer all the virtues that narrower shapes offer over those of the new modern widebody freeriders. You step on them and feel immediately at home.
They feel and ride very predictable as did previous freeride boards. Riders who do not like how the wide body freeride boards feel and ride or won't adapt their riding style - will find it much easier to exploit the full performance of the X-Cite Rides and make them much faster.
The even bottom curve and the long planing surface allow the boards to release easily. They plane super smoothly, without requiring an active style of sailing. And with the loose water position the boards accelerate to exciting speeds already in marginal winds. Being narrower, they feel at all times comfortable and super controllable even in very rough waters cushioning chop competently.
The curve in the tail outline improves the maneuverability. If you want you can carve these big lightwind boards hard and crank them into tight turns. It is a pleasure for the advanced sailor to drive the board though the turn on its rail and exit with speed. Very forgiving in the turn, they are equally well suited for the not so advanced gyber and his careful jibe approaches.
The even deck radius gives you a secure, comfortable stance. The straps are in the right position for novices and advanced riders alike and the feet will find them "with eyes closed".

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