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Airush Wave 2018 On Offer!

Airush Wave 2018 On Offer!
Airush Wave 2018 On Offer!Airush Wave 2018 On Offer!

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New Wing Tip Design.

Precise steering.

Superb drift characteristic.

The 2018 Airush Wave kite delivers further refinement to the dedicated wave purist or surf freestyle rider. One of the key aspects of the Wave kite is the unique ability of the kite to engage smooth power delivery and precise steering.

Whether far back in the window during a powered bottom turn in onshore conditions, flying far forward in the window in offshore conditions, or at a high angle of attack: the Wave delivers.

The redesigned wingtip enhanced these capabilities and avoids the wingtip "flaring" when over sheeted, preventing the kite from dropping back in the window. The all-new Airush Dyneema Load Frame V4 featuring WebTech has enabled us to increase the strength of the Wave further, without adding extra weight.

WebTech expands our exclusive Dyneema Load Frame throughout the high load areas, such as the wingtips, by utilizing the web fibers to absorb high loads, further increasing the durability and response of the kite.

Lasts twice as long

The all-new airush dyneema load frame featuring webtech is the key to having the lightest single strut kite on the market and not compromising on durability.
By expanding our exclusive dyneema load frame throughout the areas normally occupied by dacron with webtech, we are able to eliminate this heavy fabric and utilize the dyneema web fibers instead - weighing less without compromising strength.
We achieve all of these weight savings while still using our legendary technoforce d2 by teijin and dimension polyant leading edge and strut material.


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