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Neil Pryde Fusion HD 2018 On Offer! were £649+

Neil Pryde Fusion HD 2018 On Offer! were £649+

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2018 Neil Pryde Fusion HD - freewave-freemove

Sitting right between the wave and freeride programs, the Fusion offers a flavour for every taste. More stable and more drive than a traditional wave sail, while lighter, more maneuverable and playful in the waves or in the air than a freeride sail. Use anywhere, in any wind strength, on any water condition. Learn the basics, jump, catch a wave, or get into freeride mode, because on any given day, you can be one or all of these. With forgiving handling and full HD construction, the Fusion is perfectly fitting on freewave/freemove/freestyle-wave boards.
Fusion is now available in HD construction only and is a great alternative to pure wave or freeride sails. The 2018 Fusion is more manoeuvrable than ever and adapts itself depending on the playground; progressive aspect ratio with short boom, small foot area and at batten pro le in small sizes, while bigger sizes increased boom length provides necessary drive in light winds. In design and performance Fusion sits perfectly between Atlas and Ryde in the crossover program.

. One mast and boom fit all sizes. (430 Mast/160 Boom) . Light and Forgiving through moderate skin tension and rider focused centre of effort. . Size-specific foot angle: Low in big sizes. High in small sizes. . Rod Battens on all sizes for durability making Fusion suitable for use even in moderate wave conditions.





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