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Neil Pryde Combat 2018 On Offer!

Neil Pryde Combat 2018 On Offer!

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2018 Neil Pryde Combat - all round wave

The legendary Combat stands out as the sail of choice for any wave sailing conditions. No matter which spot, from side-offshore winds and perfect peeling waves to huge onshore white waters, the Combat will never disappoint. Designed for dynamic and aggressive sailors, the Combat delivers low end power when you need it, for as long as you want it. Light for jumping, stable for predictability, and strong for endurance the Combat is equipped to deal with whatever, whenever, and whoever.
The new Fuse Pocket construction introduced this season in the wave and freestyle program, allowed reduction the seam shaping and to retain profile stability and power of the Combat 2017. This results in a sail that feels much lighter in the hands, with less back-hand pressure that maintains drive and upwind performance. In parallel, the new Powerfuse allows reduction to the weight while increasing the strength in critical sections making the Combat stronger than ever.

.Versatile: Moderate and progressive luff curve for optimum maneuverability, speed and power in both onshore and side-shore conditions.
. Fuse Pocket construction for a fully symmetrical batten cavity .
. Central Moderate Profile for optimum balance between upwind power and stability.
. Increased shaping in mid and forward body section for consistent drive.
. Wide . Wind Range: A large tuning range, thanks to a stable profile, allows the rider to trim the sail for all conditions.
. Construction: Available in both clear and HD window. 4 battens configuration on all sizes.





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