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Straboard Carve 2021 Wood Sandwich

Straboard Carve 2021 Wood Sandwich

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2021 Starboard Carve Wood Sandwich

Back in 2000, the Carve was voted freeride board of the year, setting the roadmap for shorter wider freeride boards. Now 20 years later, the legendary Carve is extending and broadening the performance for all of us who love to accelerate into a comfortable fun freeride mode, carve up jibes with easy entrance, while enjoying fast exits. The 2021 Carves are smart freeride boards intelligently designed especially to facilitate you taking your windsurfing to the next level.


115, 125 & 135 – The all new Carve line up with three redesigned shapes and sizes. The Carves go fast but stay in total control, jibe beautifully, plane easily and then just keep on planing. Inspired by  the test-winning freestyle board the Ignite,  extra volume was added  in the tail while featuring an extra-long flat bottom shape that helps to increase the ease of planing. It is exciting to describe how well these new boards ride.

The original Gravity Control System was introduced by Starboard as a revolutionary concept and has helped propel our iSonics and Formula boards to multiple world titles.


The 115 is a little speed bomb that flies over crazy chop with full control. The shape is relatively wide providing accelerating power, while the thinned out rails carves up jibes. This machine is for everyone that likes higher wind freeride and might even want to join the DEFI wind or other fun events. Enjoy this explosive smooth riding sensation.


The 125 is where it all came together, surprising  with its early take-off into a fun ride with high acceleration. The board can be driven onto the fin for that free sensation while the ease of entering a high speed jibe is just as good as the acceleration out of the jibe. It bridges light and medium winds perfectly well. Simply as good as it gets and with that extra spice.

CARVE 135, 135 RTF

The 135 has a quite some genetics from the 2020 Carve 133 which won 2020 magazines test by good margins.Super early-planing and an amazing top-end speed despite its generous width. Thicker rails forward helps acceleration out of jibes and the recessed deck keeps the board in full control when the wind picks up for real. It is a board that gets you way more water time than any other freeride board, yet delivers the whole fun factor when fully powered up. A highly recommended board choice.


The  135 Carve Wood Sandwich is available with a normal TT box and also with 350gr heavier  Ready-To-Foil box option.

You can foil with the Carve135, if you however really want to get into foiling, the Foil Freeride and Foil X  are better options to learn and progress on.



Jean Louis Colmas started the development of wood sandwich boards in 1985 and by 1994 Starboard introduced his technology in their production. This co-lab tech led to multiple world championships titles across all disciplines in Windsurfing and it remains a Starboard original. The 0.6 mm Australian pine laminated deck increases impact strength while its natural unidirectional fibers creates awesome reflex sensations. With 500 kg/m3 density, the Pinewood absorbs minimal resin leading to a light board and crisp ride feel. The entire board is wrapped in a 3mm PVC sandwich mummy for long term durability and that solid feel under foot. The wood is covered with a protection film to hinder the sun’s UV impact over time.
Wood Technology became Starboard’s trademark construction in 1995. Wood Tech remains a favourite for riders prefering more comfort, more control and the unique feel of an original Starboard. Time to bring back this Technology to reduce our Co2 Foot print. Deck is Full 0.6mm Australian Pine Wood on 3m H100 PVC to ensure durability and confort in a good weight ratio. The Wood will be less visible this time and protect by a nice plue paint who give a really nice effect. Let’s go back to Starboard Origin with Class.


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