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Fanatic Freewave STB 2018

Fanatic Freewave STB 2018

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Fanatic Freewave STB 2018 2018

The FreeWave STB is the innovative design that has replaced the 10 year success story of the classic Fanatic FreeWave. The perfect blend of the Stubby and FreeWave makes this an exciting hybrid line with lots to give. Following the success of the Stubby over the past two years and its positive aspects of planing, control and manoeuvrability, it wasn't long until the FreeWave STB was born. A slightly longer, faster, more bump & jump oriented version of the Stubby TE, the FreeWave STB is pure dynamite and the start of a new era for the FreeWave line. Guaranteed easy wave performance, the board fly's over any kind of surface like a missile.
Available in sizes 85, 95, 105, plus the brand new 115l, you can choose between the super high-end TeXtreme® construction and the affordable Biax Fibre Version. The FreeWave STB is going to be a favourite



- Fine tuned fin positions for increased turning and planing stability
- Straighter, more parallel rails for reduced drag and a cleaner waterline
- Shorter and wider "Stubby-Style" nose - for reduced swing weight, fast change of direction, plenty of surface area for early planing and ease of use when jumping and tacking
- Wide double diamond tail for planing power
- Reduced centre width for speed and a straighter rail flow
- Trim and stance moved backwards to adapt to the board's length, tail width and rocker line for snappy turning
- Larger Thruster Fin setup matching the board's tail for incredible lift, drive and upwind performance (FreeWave STB (BXF) delivered with single fin and Slot Box covers)
- Constant V with slight double concave for easy and controlled planing, as well as comfort in choppy conditions
- Full rails for stability, thin tail provides grip through turns
- Slight tow in side fin boxes for ideal water flow with minimum drag)

When combined with the Sandwich construction, this high quality Full Biax Glass and full PVC specification provides an optimized weight/stiffness/flex ratio..





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