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Fanatic Ripper Rig 2017

Fanatic Ripper Rig 2017
Fanatic Ripper Rig 2017Fanatic Ripper Rig 2017

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A sail that is light, durable, easy to use and most of all compact - that is the Ripper rig!
Fanatic Brand manager Craig Gertenbach explains: "When teaching my own kids to sail, I realized pretty quickly that one of the problems with some smaller rigs is that the weight is too high up in the rig, as well as the overall weight. As soon as smaller kids grab the boom, the rig weight was just pulling them over forwards. So we worked on some compact designs with much shorter and lighter masts, slightly longer and reduced diameter booms and as light as possible materials. The Ripper rigs are just perfect for kids to get their first experiences with windsurfing. You can even use go tandem sailing with your kids, the rigs are so short and compact. Windsurfing parents, itīs time for you to sacrifice a few hours of your own sailing and get the next generation of ripperīs out there!"

Fanatic shaper Sebastian Wenzel:
"Iīve taught all three of my sons to windsurf, the new Ripper rigs are surely a great help for getting more kids into our sport, letting them have fun and getting their first windsurfing sensations! Highly recommended."

All the rig parts are stored conveniently in a nylon bag, which takes up minimal space, the reduced boom and mast diameters are sensibly designed with smaller hands in mind. 3 sizes cover all the needs of the younger generation.

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