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Starboard Foil Boards 2019

Starboard Foil Boards 2019

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Starboard 2019 Foil  Balsa Windsurf Board - board only

  • Wide tails

  • Sharp rails

  • Thin boards

  • Ultralight foot straps

  • Designed by the Foil World Champion team


Foil-dedicated boards.Their wide tails will give you more control over the foil and better performance upwind.Rails are sharp around the entire board. This allows the board to plane early and reach take off speed more easily. Additionally, the board will bounce off the water if you clip the water surface instead of sticking and throwing you into a catapult. Keeping the boards thin also give you more control and balance when in flight. We’ve also made sure that the footstrap inserts cover a wide variety of foil geometries and skill levels.


Starboard's best-selling foil board that carries over into the new season. It’s longer and designed to be the easiest and most fun foil board in medium winds. The body position is the same as normal windsurfing, allowing many windsurfers to transition from planing to foiling totally naturally.

FOIL 111 – FOIL BOARD FOR STRONGER WINDS - If you’re a high-level windsurfer using a 5.6m2 sail or smaller, this is the board for you. Short, compact, ultra-reactive and lightweight underfoot, the 111 is the most fun foil board of the family.

FLAX BALSA - Straboard's most innovative technology. Natural end-grain balsa covers the bottom of the board, providing the board with its overall stiffness and reduced weight. The full sandwich deck uses natural uni-directional flax fibres and carbon stripes to reinforce and stiffen the most stressed sections.

DRAKE ULTRALIGHT SLALOM RACE FOOT STRAPS- Straboard's Foil boards come with a new generation of Drake Ultralight straps. These straps are ideal for foiling when foot pressure is lighter than regular windsurfing. Conventional footstraps can feel too stiff and sticky. The Ultralight’s elongated screw slots also allow the rider to set their back strap extra-wide using hole spacings further apart. This allows the rider’s foot to shift forward for downwind and backwards for upwind, giving perfect trim-adjustment on the fly.

FOIL BOX- The Foil Box is larger and stronger than a normal fin box to distribute loads over a larger area. It is built using solid sheets of 20 mm thick high-density PVC with 8 mm thick carbon fibre walls, and has a flat, parallel bottom which allows the box to take both types of foil bases: tapered ‘Tuttle-style’ base and rectangular foil bases.

In either case, it is strongly recommended for the front of the foil’s base to reach the bottom of the box. This ensures that the vertical lifting load from the foil will be carried by both the front wall of the box and the bottom wall of the box.



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