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Starboard Foil Board Technora 2018

Starboard Foil Board Technora 2018
Starboard Foil Board Technora 2018Starboard Foil Board Technora 2018

Price: £1,899.00


FOIL 147 - Technora

The Foil 147 is the foil board and lightwind windsurf board in one.
It is based on the UltraSonic 147 and adds a reinforced foil box, a reinforced construction and extra footstrap inserts for additional tuning options.
It is suitable for foils up to 95 cm deep and regular windsurfing.

The Foil 147 is fitted with two rows of 5 inserts.
For foils with their front wings placed further forward, recommended are  the forward positions. For foils with their front wings placed further back,  recommended are the back positions.

Please note that the board is not supplied with Fin or Foil.

The Foil Box is larger and stronger than a normal fin box to distribute loads over a larger area. It is built using solid sheets of 20 mm thick high-density PVC with 8 mm thick carbon fibre walls, and has a flat, parallel bottom which allows the box to take both types of foil bases: tapered ‘Tuttle-style’ base and rectangular foil bases.
In either case, it is strongly recommended for the front of the foil’s base to reach the bottom of the box. This ensures that the vertical lifting load from the foil will be carried by both the front wall of the box and the bottom wall of the box.


Foil 122

Foil 147


Flax Balsa

Carbon Reflex | Technora





231 cm

241 cm



75.5 cm

95 cm

Tail Width

62.2 cm

66.0 cm


10.2 cm

10.8 cm

Bottom Shape (Tail to Nose)

Flat Vee to Double Concave

Flat Vee to Mono Concave

Footstrap Rows




Not Supplied

Not Supplied


Foil Box

Foil Box

Sail Range

5.0m² - 8.0m²

5.5m² - 9.8m²

Weight (Carbon Reflex)


8.3 kg

Weight (Flax Balsa)

7.9 kg


Weight (Technora)


9.5 kg



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