Red Paddle Co Ride 10'6 Package 2020 Forward Order

Red Paddle Co Ride 10'6 Package 2020 Forward Order

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// Red Paddle Co  Ride 10'6"  2020 Package - all round use for everyone! - Forward order availability Due Mid August

Length 10'6" / Width 32" / Thickness 4.7" / Volume 240 Litres

The Red Paddle Co Ten Six is the single most popular inflatable SUP board in the world. Heralded as a classic in all four corners of the world. Designed to match the requirements of the all round rider, it will float and glide easily on flat water, while still riding smoothly and predictably in surf. While some inflatable boards flex uncontrollably in the surf ,Red know how to build just the right amount of curve into the plan shape to create a stiff board. The 10'6″ is 120mm/4.72″ thick. This increases stiffness while not affecting the ride and performance of this iconic board. The Ten Six holds firm and allows you to pick your line across even the smallest of waves. Fin placement and rocker lines are the key ingredients that turn our boards from being ordinary into something that you want to ride again and again.
Comes With: 
Choice of 3pc Paddle, All-Terrain Backpack, Titan Pump, Coiled Leash, Water Resistant Phone Case and Repair Kit

Designed stiffer entry level paddles meaning even more performance for your money. 

The rounder designed blade naturally stiffens it up increasing performance of the paddle.

A new carbon midi paddle plugs the gap between kids and adults.

Improvements carried on from previous years!

The bag has improved wheels, black colourway with heat shield lining.

Upgraded Sherpa ruck sac straps means easier access with Velcro cover.

Extra loop on cargo net means easier access and increased storage.

New RED Detailed graphic deck pads meaning increased comfort and grip.

RAM mounts as standard on the front of all boards. Paddles.

Improved stiffer lighter range with the addition of new performance paddles adding another package into the range.


The patented RSS, or Rocker Stiffening System, makes Red boards up to 40 per cent stiffer by displacing the riders weight over a greater length of the board. It works by slotting two stiffening battens into pockets that are individually laminated on to the side of the board. The battens are attached to cords held down with velcro tabs, making them really easy to remove.
Still the industry-leading MSL - The lightest and stiffest way to make a ISUP. The clever designers at Red Paddle co have re-deisgned the ingredients in the boards, making them even lighter and stiffer. The additional stiffness now comes from super reinforced drop stitch providing a even higher tensile, rigid core that can withstand pressure beyond 20psi. The reduction in weight comes from removing the hand gluing process and replacing it with fusing a second layer of hard wearing polymer into the drop stitch saving nearly two kilos of weight. Newly re-designed carry handle and metal deck attachemnt rings.
When you unpack your Red Paddle Co board for the first time, inside you'll find the lightweight Titan pump. It's the world's best SUP pump and was created by our expert engineers to make inflating your board a cinch. The secret is in the dual-chamber system and high-flow handle, which pumps air into your board at up to 60mph, ensuring it inflates to the recommended pressure level while using less of your energy.
The Red Original All Terrain Backpack is a perfect travel partner for paddleboarders everywhere. Enhanced for 2020 it's now more comfortable to carry thanks to improved straps (which are also easier to stow), while the red detailing adds a stylish, contemporary feel.


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