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Attitude Sails Allstar 5.7mt on offer was £ 360.00

Attitude Sails Allstar 5.7mt on offer was £ 360.00
Attitude Sails Allstar 5.7mt on offer was £ 360.00Attitude Sails Allstar 5.7mt on offer was £ 360.00Attitude Sails Allstar 5.7mt on offer was £ 360.00

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// 2015 Attitude All Star - all conditions, all covered

A true crossover 4 batten all-round sail. Designed to be light and direct in terms of handling, but still quiet and neutral in your grip when riding. This especially suits "light footed" riders who prefer a sail with a precise, refined and delicate feel. You choose the Allstar for true all-round wave/freestyle performance; cover any needs in every session for that perfect sailing day. The Allstar excels whether the water is glass or the surf is class. Whether you want to ride with a firmer leech to balance the power for freestyle, or soften it for ripping down the line surf, the Allstar's tuning range gives you all the control you need.

Compatible with all Flex Top masts

1 Anti Deformation Stringer: 2 Dacron Luff Panel: 3 Eva tack and deck protector: 4 Xtra strong 5ml XPly
5 Double clew eyelets: 6 3d Moulded top protection: 7 PVC footstrip: 8 Mastsleeve opener - may 2014
Attitude Sails Allstar 5.7 test: This newborn Attitude Allstar has convinced us 100% because of its power in light wind conditions and the ability to handle the strongest gusts with ease. The sail feels light and smaller than it actually is. Normally we consider a 5.7 wave sail as large, a "sacrifice" necessary to be able to plane in minimal conditions. But not the Allstar 5.7, it feels active, responsive and encourages to try new maneuvers. The conclusion: definitely a great choice for light wind conditions and waves. September 2014
Attitude Sails Allstar 5.2 & 5.7 test: A true all-round 4 batten designed to be incredibly light and direct in terms of manoeuvrability, while remaining neutral in the hands … light riders or those with ‘light feet' will appreciate this sail that ensures excellent wave/freestyle performance … The Allstar excels both in flat water and in the waves, whether with light downhaul for the power you need for freestyle, or flatten it for down the line in waves. The wide range of use and trim the sail will give you the control you need.

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