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Fanatic Quad TE 2017 On Offer!

Fanatic Quad TE 2017 On Offer!

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Fanatic Quad TE 2017

The Quad is the most radical Waveboard within the Fanatic range. If you're driven by full rail carves, late turns and radical down-the-line wave sailing, then the Quad will suit. A blend of rocker line and bottom shape that our riders refer to as the "magic rocker" Featuring the Flat Spot Concept - an innovative placement of curved and straight areas - the result is enhanced planing power and speed. This combined with a smooth outline and super sweet trim results in a Waveboard with radical turning abilities - without losing planing power - control and ease of use. Designed to get the juices flowing, the Quad will put in a stellar performance regardless of the conditions.

Compared to the V-Bottom shapes of TriWave and Stubby, the concave Quad has pronounced front-foot style of riding allowing for a fluid, full rail carving style, tight turns under the lip and maximum drive with full grip. While the TriWave excels in maintaining speed in longer, drawn out turns, the Stubby has a more skatey tail release in the lip and is really playful in smaller waves. Able to fully lean into the turn, you can trust in the grippy rails and fins when conditions get a bit bigger. The Quad prefers to be ridden under the lip and loves to transfer the push of the wave into speed. With its superb control and speed, the Quad also likes jumping. However, it comes into its own and excels when riding waves.





.Innovative rocker line with a pronounced tail kick and flat spot concept for .maximum planing power and radical turning potential .Pronounced concave / double concave bottom shape for acceleration, control and smooth drive even in choppy conditions .Trim moved backwards for direct turningCompact outline with rounded squash tail for snappy turns even in small waves .Side fins with slight tow for smooth water flow, reduced drag and maximum speed .Flat deck for a stable stance and secure feeling even when the wind drops. .New fast and super smooth turning RTM Quad fin setup perfectly matched to board's characteristics .Lightweight and easy to adjust Slot Box system

Making its way into the 2017 Wave and TE Freestyleboards is the brand new Biax Innegra Carbon Light Finish technology. After the resounding success of using this high-end construction on our TE boards over the last three seasons, we took the initiative and next technical step by introducing a brand new, and exclusive Biax Carbon / Innegra fibre finish.







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