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Shinn Foil Plate

Shinn Foil Plate

Price: £275.00

Shinn Foil Plate 2016

? Shinn may be relative new comers to the foil game but with more than 16 years of kiteboard development behind them they have had no shortage of designs to strap a foil too and they have been busy, tried them all - Wakeskates, Mutants, Twin Tips, Surfboards, Skimboards…. You name it, they have foiled on it.
Volume offers few benefits for foiling, thin boards are easier to manoeuvre in the water (especially when riding strapless), more durable for the inevitable knocks and bangs when on the beach and that's not to mention their advantages in flex.
When creating othe foil range Shinn wanted multi-use boards, fun for riding both with and without the foil but discovered a problem - boards with enough flex to be fun to ride in normal conditions are too soft for foilboarding and at Shinn they HATE to compromise thus the Foil Plate was born.
Sitting between the foil and the board, the plate adds stiffness in the key area under your feet whilst flying but is quickly and easily removed for normal conditions leaving the flex just how it was designed . Perfect for comfort and control in addition to leaving the base of your board without channels or empty fin boxes that create unwanted drag.

• Carbon sandwich for maximum stiffness and minimum weight.
• Quickly removable with just a screwdriver
• Multiple Inserts to allow foil position tuning
• Supplied with the Shinnster Foil and El Stubbo packages

• Thickness 10mm
• Dimensions 110cm x 20cm
• Foil Plate dimensions 165 x 85

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