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Aeron MCT 29 Alloy

Aeron MCT 29 Alloy

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Aeron MCT29: T-8 Alloy, solid and reliable

Suitable for SDM, plus adaptor to convert to RDM masts.
Stiff, tough and light, the MCT-29 is amongst the toughest standard shape alloy booms in the world. It features the same high quality fittings found on all the latest Aeron models.
The MCT-29 features a superb front-end, easy to adjust double-pin clips, light weight and the very best stiffness-to-weight ratio.
The 29mm tubing suits riders looking for a stiff and exceptionally strong boom and windsurfers not so keen on narrow diameter grip (such as those with very large hands)
A great boom for all aspects of windsurfing from novice through to hardcore wave. The larger two sizes are good alternatives to carbon booms for racers looking for a good stiff boom at an attainable price.
Where some riders prefer the MCT-26?s narrow grip, others favour the 29mm diameter offered by this boom. It's popular with the holiday centres, where booms need to last through a season of heavy regular use.
The 200-250cm size fits neatly into the quiver of many freeride and slalom riders, covering large sails up to around 8.5m.

Head : With the alloy version, the head is assembled over a high density over molded rubber part to ensure the maximum rigidity while giving grip while rig handling close to the mast cup.
Grip Texture : The EVA is thermally formed to produce a texture to improve grip and comfort simultaneously.
STD Tail Housing : Double Riveted.
Formula Racing Tail Housing :
New , the Triple pulley cleatable tail is also compatible with adjustable outhaul systems.
Adjustment: The single pin U clip is secured over a stainless pin-this ensures the part has the same locking function even as the boom ages-There is no looseness due to wearing of parts.

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