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Nobile 2HD 131 x 40cm 2011

Nobile 2HD 131 x 40cm 2011
Nobile 2HD 131 x 40cm 2011Nobile 2HD 131 x 40cm 2011Nobile 2HD 131 x 40cm 2011

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Freeride performance

Performance freeride board in Nobiles proven construction and design. Good condition for age, fins and footpads in good condition also. The Nobile 2HD is an exceptional and unrivalled mix of technological advancement. Super speed and explosive pop! Taking what is essential in hydro and aerodynamics, Nobile have developed a uniquely designed double-profiled bottom.

This 'one of a kind shape' has been created to bring the most performance to advanced riders. The result is the fastest and best performing board in the Nobile range. The Nobile 2HD is even that good it may easily compete with race boards. A twin-tip faster than a traditional race board, then it has to be the Nobile 2HD.

70% Inside a flatter profile makes the board extremely fast (less water resistance) and increases longitudinal stability. The other 30% of the 2HD's surface is an outside deeper rocker. It increases versatility and edge grip. What is more, it also dramatically reduces unwanted spray in choppy water, makes you ride smoother easier and more comfortable.

To reduced unwanted spray - Nobile have re-designed their unique Hydrodynamic Rocker Line to increase the tip lift. Nobile have also tweaked the heel-side outline and moved the footstrap inserts to ensure minimal interference with water release on the rail - a major cause of spray.

Versatility has been enhanced by utilizing Nobile's new Dynamic Asymmetrical Outline. Focusing mainly on the toe-side edge, means that the test winning rail grip, early planing and upwind ability of the Nobile 2HD range still remains.

The new mould allows Nobile to add more flex into the fin areas of the board without effecting the central nose and tail sections that are responsible for the higher performance characteristics. Nobile have also added a high gloss UV stable top foil to the board to ensure it's good looks last forever.

Double Hydro Dynamic (2HD) is also loaded with Nobile Pre-Stress technology. During the production process, Nobile "freeze and store" the energy in the board construction. This energy is then for your disposal just when you need it. It benefits with more pop, fast reaction, better grip, manoeuvrabiliy and anything you want to use it for. This technology also allows Nobile to make the 2HD lighter than ever. Nobile has also added another new Pop Grower technology for sky-high jumps. - Nobile Human Concept Kiteboard
- 3-D Top Mould
- Elliptical Progressive Concave
- Complete Anti-Vibration Control
- UV Resistant Foils
- Nobile Fin Shims
- Extremely fast high-performance all-round board for demanding riders
- Double Hydrodynamic profile increases versatility, control and manoeuvring
- Pre-Stress Technology for improves response
- POP Grower Technology for massive jumps
- Modified Hydrodynamic Rocker dramatically reduces spray in choppy water
- Dynamic Asymmetrical Outline increases versatility and comfort
- Wider stance options for more stable riding position
- Smaller fins for looseness and manoeuvrability
- Board bag
- Grab handle
The Human Concept

You can't escape the fact that kite-boarding stances are not symmetrical; can you ride the same on your toe side and heel side edges? If not, then you have to ask yourself why your board has the same outline and fin position on the heel side and toe side edges.

Nobile's Dynamic Asymmetrical Outline is designed around their Human Concept, performance that is destined to enhance and work in harmony with your natural physiology, not fight against it.

Nobile have tailored the outline on your stronger heel side rail to have more grip, better upwind performance and maximum POP. On the weaker toe side, Nobile have increased the curve radius and bought the fins closer to your feet improving the carving potential and comfort factor of the board when riding switch whilst at the same time radically decreasing the foot pressure needed to hold your edge.

Pre-Stress Technology

The idea of pre-stress was already know by architects in ancient Rome and was used during the construction of the Colosseum. Pre-stressing means the intentional creation of permanent stresses in structure for the purpose of improving its performance under various service conditions.

Nobile Pre-Stress allows Nobile to load the board with energy already during the production process. Storing the energy in the board mean's it's more reactive, responsive and livelier. It also allows Nobile to build a thinner but more durable board! Available with yellow/ black footpads.


The innovative and well-received IFS PRO has been further improved and continues to raise the standard of board/rider connection to new levels of comfort.

The IFS Pro is the world's only triple-density, molded pad resulting in a foot bed system where the compression "ramps up" through its depth of travel. Heavy impacts sees each layer becoming progressively firmer, preventing any possibility of your foot coming into contact with the board, yet maintains the direct feeling needed between the rider and the board when on the water.

Comfort however mustn't be at the expense of function and the ergonomically formed IFS PRO features an in-board cant leading from the heel down to the toe, ensuring that upon impact, your foot is held securely into the strap with little chance of it slipping dangerously out of it. Featured on the front edge, the multi-ridged toe strip helps with grip, whatever your foot size, and the molded Polyurethane texture under the heel provides traction in all conditions.

Nobile have increased the width of the integrated foot strap to further enhance foot grip and comfort. With no exposed webbing or hard materials to create friction rubs on your feet, the vertical adjustment has been increased to ensure a wider range of fits for all foot sizes.

Finally, in the further application of the Nobile Human Concept they have coloured the straps and pads in a distinctive, high visibility Orange to enable riders to easier locate lost boards should they become separated.

The IFS Pro continues to guarantee that every ride is a pleasure with unparalleled levels of comfort working hand in hand with function.-tests/nobile-555-135/">here.

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