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Ezzy Lion 2020 twin cam

Ezzy Lion 2020 twin cam
Ezzy Lion 2020 twin camEzzy Lion 2020 twin camEzzy Lion 2020 twin camEzzy Lion 2020 twin cam

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Ezzy Lion - twin cam faster freeride

What's new..

Ezzy don't believe in taking a race sail, de-tuning it, and calling it a freerace sail. The Lion is designed from scratch.
David Ezzy draws on his more than 30 years of designing and testing cambered sails to get just the right mix of power, speed and control in the Lion.The Lion has two cambers (one below the boom and one above), which means that the shape in the sail is produced mechanically by the camber's connecting the batten with the mast. This produces a wing-like profile that generates a lot of stable power.The Lion features the Ezzy unique roller cam that rotates effortlessly and dependably. Each Lion comes with enough extra cams to fit any mast produced in the past 25 years, from SDM to RDM.
The cams are easy to swap in and out. And the cam system is so simple that it rigs just as easy as a no-cam sail. You're not going to find a cambered sail other than the Lion, that is as powerful, yet easy to sail. Why use x-ply in both the Cheetah and Lion? David Ezzy wants to make sails that last forever. David Ezzy developed Dyneema X-ply that weighs the same as monofilm but has more than double the UV strength and lasts years longer.
You might also notice that the Lion and Cheetah's don't have cut-ins above the clew. David says a leech cut-in kills the low-end and stability of a sail. The more the lower leech moves, the more unstable the sail is. He wants an increasing tension from the head to the clew. Cutting the leech disturbs this important tension progresson. The Lion featurea a new luff sleeve construction that gets planing sooner and feels more responsive.Also new is the scrim luff panel on both the Lion and Cheetah that makes the sails more forgiving and easier to handle, especially in gusty winds.










Every is rigged in Ezzy's factory and calibrated so that they can be precisely downhauled and outhauled for perfect tuning in seconds with the Ezzy calibrated rigging system.Unmatched customer service.. Email them at info@ezzy.com and you will get a personal response within 12 hours.

01-Lion-Quick rig from Ezzy Sails on Vimeo.

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