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Nobile NHP Kite Snowboard 2013 ON OFFER!! Were £349

Nobile NHP Kite Snowboard 2013 ON OFFER!! Were £349

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"Snow is only frozen water", they used to say. Extraordinary edge grip, massive pop, versatile flex pattern and progressive sidecut radius makes Nobile NHP Snowkite a perfect weapon of choice for all snowkiting and snowboarding enthusiasts. Packed with cutting edge technologies like 3D Snake Transition and T.R.I.P. this board was especially designed to be used with a kite and work as a regular snowboard. Unique blend of technologies secure fast and controlled ride, no matter if you're shredding deep powder or cruising the piste.

Patented Snake Transition allows to combine 20 meters sidecut radius and soft flex pattern. This technology gives the board unparalleled control and response, even on icy and hard-pack conditions, while maintaining a soft flex. This unique solution makes the NHP an universal board that may be used both as a snowkite and as a snowboard.

Predominantly riding on your heel-side edge, there isn't the same need to make quick turns as on a regular snowboard with its much smaller radius. The result is holding more speed, especially when going upwind, and better grip. When snow conditions can change from day to day, it's great to know you've got a board that will continue to perform. The NHP Snowkite will make your riding more comfortable, without being forced upwind all the time.


100% snowkiting dedicated twin tip
Maximum riding performance in all conditions
Massive POP and extraordinary control
Impressive carving performance and edge-to-edge response
Unprecedented stability + Unlimited speed
Great Fun Factor
Excellent upwind performance

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