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Solarez Low Light Cure Epoxy

Solarez Low Light Cure Epoxy

Price: £17.95


Solarez UV-low light Cure Epoxy 1oz


Same great resin as  UV-Cure Epoxy except designed to cure well in winter months or in areas far from the equator. So it is perfect for repairing your board quickly even if it's not that sunny. Great for anyone looking to do any travelling with their boards. Designed to be used on Epoxy surfboards not polyester.

Unlike most resin's, Solarez is not a 2-part product which needs to be mixed. Solarez cures when exposed to UV rays - sunlight!Solarez is clear and stays clear (doesn't yellow), hard yet still flexible making it remarkably tough and resilient.
To use, simply paste from the tube. It gels in about 5 seconds, then cures in just 3 minutes even if its not that sunny.

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