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Nobile T5 2014 unused new clearance.

Nobile T5 2014 unused new clearance.

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Nobile T5 2013 - a joy to fly

New for 2013
Most of the changes to Nobile's 2013 line represent refinements that improve upon construction and performance. Additionally, Nobile switched kite production to Sri Lanka, which they say has afforded them higher levels of quality control.
The Nobile T5 is a freeride kite designed to bring a smile to riders' faces. Fast, direct, responsive and forgiving, this kite delivers striking performance and incredible hangtime. Aerodynamics driven improvements, including a new profile, redesigned leading edge area, flattened wing tips and thinner bridle lines not only broadens the kite's wind range, but also benefits from astonishing low-end power and amazing upwind abilities.
Thanks to direct and responsive handling (even small input from the bar is quickly relayed back to the kite),The Nobile T5 is also a great choice for wave riding.
The T5 features superior control and balanced bar pressure. The huge wind range, lift and hang time is combined with massive low-end power and quick re-launch capabilities.
If you are after an easy re-launching kite with outstanding power range, smooth and precise handling, focused on freeride but also suitable for big air, waves and even unhooked freestyle, then the Nobile T5 is a great choice.

Nobile have taken what the aerodynamics science has to offer and implemented it into this kite's construction. So pleased with the results, they decided to upgrade the name also. All aerodynamics-driven improvements start from the new profile. The leading edge area includes new, flattened Wing Tips, thinner bridles and steering lines. The T5 is now much faster and more stable at the same time, even in gusty wind conditions. Amazingly enough, the lift and hang time have also improved greatly. Incredible low-end wind performance also allows you to use kites smaller than usual, so now you have more versatile tool..

Additionally, side-strut kite valves have been moved to the outer sides of the struts, to gain the "catch - free" location. Now it's almost impossible for the bridles to catch the valve when launching the kite.

T5 also features reinforced bridles attachment points. The kite is now equipped with double layer of Dacron where it's most exposed to risk of breaking the leading edge. Reinforced V-attach mounting system featured in the crucial point of bridle's attach area - makes the kite stronger. Good news for Kiteloop fans!

The T5 features, direct-feeling control, improved predictability, and perfectly balanced bar pressure. The huge wind range, lift and hang time remain, but with a massive improvement to the low-end power and re-launch capabilities.

If you want an easy re-launching kite with outstanding power range, smooth and precise handling, focused on freeride but also suitable for big air, waves and even unhooked freestyle, then the T5 is the choice.

5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14 m2
? Direct and responsive Freeride kite for intermediate and advanced riders
? 3 Strut Layout - less weight, better agility, faster inflation and deflation
? Amazing lift and hang time
? Extraordinary upwind abilities
? Smooth and easy power stroke
? Amazing Low-End wind Power
? Zero overshooting even in gusty wind conditions
? Impressive response time
? Quick relaunch
? "Catch-free" valves location
? Reinforced, double Dacron bridle attachment points
? Flattened wing tips
? Fully featured kite bag
5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14 m2 the
Nov.6 2012
The T5 is definitely the best kite for improvers. It features superior control and perfectly balanced bar pressure. The relaunch of this kite is very fast and super easy. This kite's design works well for all riders: beginners, improvers, and experts like Nobile team rider Jose Luengo. It helps riders develop their skills in all conditions. Best for freeride and wave, the T5 will also work as a freestyle kite for everybody working on new tricks. The T5 is a great choice for everybody looking for a versatile kite that will last for years.

The 2013 control bar is new and is now made of carbon fiber with an aluminum center. It's now also stiffer and harder than the previous version. The 2013 Barstick is unbreakable but still lightweight. To prevent it from moving or detaching, the bar ends are secured by long stainless steel screws. The plastic buckle is now changed to a metal one. A new grip with finger slots makes the bar comfortable and secure in handling.
Vapor 2 2008 Nobile Control bar system

KISS - Kite Intelligent Safety System
KISS is the new kite control system designed by Nobilekiteboarding. Developed from the Human Concept idea, KISS is designed to bring performance, safety and comfort to harmonize the rider and the kite and provide control in all conditions. KISS is the versatile system designed for all riding skills and styles.
KISS bar offers directional color coded graphics, double finger bumpers, double width connection possibility on the bar ends and color coded laminar rubber protections in the inside of the barends.
The polished full piece alloy central core stays for strength and for depower line durabilty:
It features no sharp edges so the rope is safe and won't damage or scratch.
Big hole for the safety line (? = 9mm) in the middle axis of C-loop secures smooth and trouble-free action of the safety line even if the sand gets inside.
KISS System offers the most advanced quick release system on the market - fast, safe and easy to use. Vapor 2 2008 Nobile Control bar system

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