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Airush Unit Bar £519.00

Airush Unit Bar £519.00

Price: £519.00



Premium all-around control system.
Neat, compact, durable.
Single PU-covered centre line with high front flag out.

The Unit bar features all the features we could put into a single bar. 

The Unit bar has a new v2 freestyle leash ring which allows for freestyle mode with the leash connection now behind the IQR rather than hanging off the side. This makes the whole quick release much more compact in freestyle mode and has also increased the strength and reliability in freestyle mode. The Unit bar features a new premium leash with an elasticated webbing bungee and a new quick-release system that’s proven to be much more reliable in the field. Moving up from the IQR, the Unit bar features a multi-bore tubing PU tube which accommodates both the depower mainline and the landing line, allowing for just a single line to go through the center fitting on the bar. The bar itself features the same stainless steel center fitting with an oversized or enlarged center hole that comes on the Ride bar. The Unit bar is 50 centimeters long with a full 10-centimeter width adjustment available with our modus bar ends taking it out to a 60-centimeter bar when required, by just using a standard fin key. The unit bar features the same 20 increase in floatation EVA bar-ends and increased rear line adjustment available under these bar ends. Coming up to the cleat fitting. This is a custom cleat fitting designed specifically for use with multi-bore tubing and allows for easy access for the landing line into the channel through the multi-bore tube. The landing line set up on the Unit bar is quite unique it is a high frontside landing line where you have, what appears to be, three lines at the depower bracket Two of those – your landing line and one front line, go up to the nine-meter position where the bungee that keeps your landing line tight is also located. The reason to do this system is, it gives you all the advantages of kite handling with a low v but allows the landing line to be continuous from your leash attachment all the way to the nine-meter mark meaning no knot being pulled through the multi-bore tubing. This allows the tubing to be much smaller and also much more reliable in the field.

For a premium all-around control system that is precise, reliable, and has an expansive trim range, look no further than the Unit Bar. In surf or Big Air, the embossed and sanded-finish grip offers you the ultimate comfort, while a PUcovered depower line gives you uncluttered confidence. In hand, you can feel the reduced diameter tubing make sheeting-out reliable and effortless while remaining neat, compact, and durable.


Covered depower main line.
Internal landing line.
Modus bar ends.

1. POWER BRACKET WITH INTEGRATED PULLEY -Simple and strong power bracket with integrated pulley – reduced lines and clutter, less friction for easier adjustment.

2. MTB CLEAT-Industry standard Clam-Cleat based trim system on custom mount-Neat and tidy trim handle, easy to grip with low swing weight.

3. MOLDED TRIM HANDLE-PU tubing covered DPML with internal landing line channel. Smooth on the hands and wear resistant.

4. ONE PIECE MULTIBORE DEPOWER MAIN LINE-PU tubing covered DPML with internal landing line channel. Smooth on the hands and wear resistant.

5. LEADER LINES-Simplified leader lines with greater internal adjustment for fine-tuning.

6. BAR ENDS-New EVA bar ends, lightweight fixed style, soft durable injected EVA, more volume for better bar float, more flexible grip and better kite response.

7. CENTER RIVET-High-strength stainless steel, huge center hole for better kite response, flush profile for easier grip, no black oxide issues in sandy locations.

8. IQR RELEASE-Industry leading IQR release system with medium loop and security pin

9. FREESTYLE LEASH RING-Simplified leash ring with increased hole size for leash attachment.

10. GRIP-Sanded finish for high grip without heavy embossing.

11. MODUS ADJUSTMENT-New lighter-weight modus adjustment. Cleanest bar length adjustment system available. Longest adjustment length available on the market at 10cm.




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