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F-One Breeze V1 2017

F-One Breeze V1 2017
F-One Breeze V1 2017F-One Breeze V1 2017F-One Breeze V1 2017

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2017 will see the release of the tenth edition of the BANDIT! To celebrate this, we have decided to assist it with some other specific kites. These products, which we call "satellites", are designed to meet some specific demands which are not part of the program of the BANDIT but the BANDIT remains more than ever at the core of our range. This year we have used all the know-how of our design department to offer a kite designed specifically for foiling and light wind riding: the BREEZE.

- One strut: ultimate light weight to fly in less than 10 kts

- Easier to get on the plane thanks to its power, lightweight and maneuverability

- Impressive range of use and surprising comfort in the high range

- Super user friendly thanks to its stability

- Efficient re-launch abilities, even in the light wind

- Great maneuverability for intuitive transitions and a quicker learning process

To make your sessions perfect, we wanted the BREEZE to be:

-Light to fly in less than 10 kts of wind

-Powerful to enable early planing

-Stable to prevent it falling from the sky in light winds and let you focus on your riding

-Able to depower to keep control as this is crucial for foil riding

-Designed with good control of your speed and acceleration

-Easy to re-launch even in light winds

We have decided to save some weight by getting rid of the struts. The BREEZE is therefore a single strut kite. Aspect ratio is reduced to make the kite more stable and limit both acceleration and speed. Its profile is completely new as it needs to deliver both power and control. Depower ability is amazing for a light wind kite. It takes our designer's knowledge to achieve some depower without altering the profile.

The wingtips are wide which helps with maneuverability, transitions and allows for backward relaunch. We have optimized the reinforcement patches to save as much weight as possible and facilitate light wind re-launch. The kite is compatible with BANDIT kite bars.

The bridle is new as well with 4 fixing points and 3 pulleys per side. The BREEZE is available in sizes of 11m - 13m - 15m.

DELTA C-SHAPE technology design offers unmatched stability and steering response when fully de-powered, with the possibility of connecting the front lines higher on the leading edge of the kite. It is a patented design used by F-ONE on all kites for the past 8 years.

The EVO De-power concept is a simple 4 line system with a 4m long Life Line featuring a V shaped bridle with a pulley system on each of the front lines. This simple system offers complete safety and allows for increased de-power by finely tuning the angle of attack of the kite.

F-ONE - BREEZE V1 from F-ONE KITES on Vimeo.

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