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New Airush Vapor due in any day.

April 9th, 2009 by in Surfstore News

airush test

Airush’s new Vapor is about to land in Surfstore. For those of you who have had little experience of teh Vapor kites, it has been a sensation to the company, building one of the industries best handlin kites, with exceptional range and non aggressive but very capable flying characteristics.

For the 3rd incarnation Airush have taken thge gloves off. As part of a reviewed range to come in the next 6 months the Vapor has been raised to be as high performance as they can go with a mainstream hybrid and some of the test repors have been very impressive. Here are some of the snippits;

“A brilliant, modern freestyle kite that’s well-built, quick and direct, but the major thing to mention is the kites’ stability. It’s just so well behaved. The low end grunt is fantastic and matched at the other end by it’s top end capacity. Being able to comfortably use a 10 metre, between 15 and 30 knots is a great quality, making it a natural choice for many.”

Go to: for the full test

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2009 neilpryde test sails at discounted prices

February 24th, 2009 by in Surfstore News

pryde race

Surfstore has managed to aquire some of the first reduce price Pryde sails from neil pryde. As such they may well be the first second hand 2009 sails to hit the market in the UK. The sails have come from magazione tests, as such theyhave seen very limited use, over a very short period of time, and in one case it has never even been on the water.

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’09 Starboard Kode .. the hallowed two are now the hallowed three

January 10th, 2009 by in Surfstore News



Mike switches to Starboard’s ’09 Kode for the new season.

Arguably the biggest board company in the world right now, their success is a testament to some industry leading and ground braking designs over the last few years. The Carve boards were a huge success for them,

It’s not always been plain sailing though and there have been a few inconsistencies along the way, but for 2009 we think they have two mainstream board ranges that will do extremely well for them.
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Naish Kitesurf Products.. limited delivery schedule

January 9th, 2009 by in Surfstore News

naish action

With the current climate and the poor value of the pound Naish UK have been asking customers to pre-order their kites as uk stocks are being reduced. To be honest it’s a policy that most UK importers are now starting to adopt, and until the £ recovers it may be a sign of things to come.

The deliveries are almost entirely sold out before they arrive, so if you are after a naish product we recommend you get your product reserved before the container lands. The next scheduled delivery is set for the end of Febuary.

Also they won’t be able to issue retail prices until a few weeks before delivery due to the huge fluctuations in exchange rates right now.

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