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Airush Lithium 2016 On Offer!

Airush Lithium 2016 On Offer!

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Wave use with a healthy serving of multidiscipline ability

The Wave is a kite that has a legion of following in the industry. Now in it's 4th year we see refinements in certain sizes to bring advances throughout the range without significant redesign. Additions of a new 10m and 8m size, and two colour ways - black and reefer. Sizes 5m ; 6m ; 7m ; 8m ; 9m ; 10m ; 12m

• Dedicated Wave performance
• Precise steering
• Superb drift characteristics

The 2016 Airush Wave Kite introduces a new level of refinement for this groundbreaking design. The unique design was engineered specifically for the wave enthusiast, this enables the kite to fly forward in the window when required, keeping the rider deep in the pocket, steering immediately no matter where it is in the window, then sitting back and drifting in the turns when more stability is required.
Refinements in the chord length, wingtips and canopy layout make for a smooth power delivery and fluid steering consistent across the range, while the V3 bridle system maintains even tension throughout the kite enabling perfect steering even when depowered and sheeted out.
The next generation Aramid Load Frame takes the biggest innovation in kite construction to a whole new level and is combined with the Technoforce D2 by Teijin, for the ultimate mix of durability and lightweight performance. For wave performance, this optimised weight is essential for improved drift stability, while the load frame makes all the difference when additional durability is required.
The Wave responds perfectly to rider input and allows you to get into the perfect position on the wave, no matter what the wind conditions, taking your riding into a new realm.

Please note: the kite ships with a pump - but does not ship with bar and lines these can be added in the options when ordering.

This tech has been with Airush for 3 years now in various forms, but this year we'll see it rolled out right the way through the entire range. It's expensive - but it works - and Airush now have 3 years of proof to back it up. Put simply - it's a dyneema lattice placed on the canopy of the kite, after construction, that marks out a full structural framework to take the load of the kite instead of relying on the canopy cloth. Cloth that is Technofibre D2 - the most expensive and proven cloth in the industry, so unequivocally this IS the strongest canopy construction in the industry right now..
- No front to back splits - ever. At The Kitesurf Centre down in Kent (along with a lot of other testbeds the world over) we had a 9m kite with this technology on and in 250 hours of school use, day in, day out, not once did the canopy rip front to back. In three years we have not seen one kite with the load frame breach this reinforcement. You can tear a section inbetween if you pierce it, but though the dyneema - not possible without a very sharp knife.
- The kite is stiffer - which means more accurate handling, for the frame keeps the kite inside it's design parameters of load and stretch during aggressive movements.
- The kite doesn't suffer from long term stretch - Normal kites bag out very quickly, and this happens with even the highest cloth grades, it's alarming in spped and scope on the cheaper grades, believe me... within 5 uses depending on the cloth. The kite you buy is not the same kite that you bought 6 months earlier - Teijn is very good at not stretching, but it still stretches a lot through the life of the kite. Check out the images below for an accurate and true representation of the physical difference this technology makes.
Choose your kite - pay the money, and be assured that the kite you buy is the same kite you ride a year from now. It's a unique and brilliant technology.
Made of tough Zytel material for high strength and resistance to abrasion and impact, the Airush Pulley has the pigtails hole directionally correct to eliminate bridle wear. With a breaking strength of 550 kg, the Airush pulley was designed specifically for use on all Airush kites.
A Leading Edge connection seam with a slick 19mm soft webbing reinforcement to handle harder crashes. Increased mark cloth sections at the front of all canopy seams at the leading edge to stop stitching and seam wear points.

Airush Core Bar 2016

It is the most versatile bar on the market, enabling riders to have the perfect setup straight out of the bag, or tweak and modify the bar where required. The Airush Core bar features a new directional grooving pattern that helps you hang on through all conditions with maximum grip and comfort.
Developed as the first ever bar that has four length adjustments, the Airush Core Bar can be changed from 45-55 or 52-62 with simple and easy changes. This allows the bar to be used from our absolutely smallest kite to the largest kite in the Airush range.
The PU coated depower line makes sheeting in and out effortless, with two minimal diameter tubing. This PU coated line extends the lifespan of the centerline increasing the reliability of all Airush bars.
The Airush Bars have safety as the first priority. An industry standard Brain Quick release and color-coding on all parts makes the Airush system perfect and hassle free for all riders. Continuing for 2016, the Low Y on the center-lines allows for a quick single line flag out for those situations where you need it the most.

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