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// Tushingham X-15 - Speed-Slalom -Race

For speed and slalom, with four cams and seven or eight battens, the X-15 has a solid locked in power profile in the base, which combines with a reactive upper leech to deliver stunning performance.
Larger sizes are compact in feel and principally designed for slalom racing across a broad range of wind and sea conditions where foil stability and even twist for perfect control at very high speeds.
Smaller sizes have a dual role, adjusted by simply changing the mast bend profile. Optimise for slalom or speed by choosing the appropriate mast: Speed Pro with its flex-top characteristics for off-the wind maxed-out speed Ultimate Pro or Carbon 75 with the classic bend curve for slalom racing, with greater emphasis on acceleration and low-end power.
The speed community really is buzzing again with fantastic achievements across the globe, accessible to all thanks to GPS Speedsurfing. It’s not all about world records, just try and push your PB, or maybe grab an X-15 and aim for the top of the Tushingham rankings! X-15 mast choices

Extensive testing taught us how the X-15’s characteristics can be altered by changing the mast bend profile. Sails like the 5.8, 6.4 and 7.0m can be optimised for slalom or speed by choosing the appropriate mast.

Our choice for off-the wind maxed-out speed is the flex-top Speed Pro 100

Slalom and Formula racers should look towards the Ultimate Pro 100 with the classic curve offering superior acceleration and low-end power.

The Carbon 75 mast range is a suitable budget alternative for slalom and Formula.
Tushingham X 15

To maximise the performance of a racing or speed sail like the X-15, a little attention to how you set the sail will be necessary. However much conditions are firing, an extra few seconds spent checking the settings can be the difference between a good and a bad session on the water. Don't fear the camber inducers - using the right technique as shown in the video it's simple!

X-15 Rigging
With correct tuning the X-15 offers blistering speed. To extract ultimate performance here are some tuning tips.
SAILING IN FULLY POWERED WINDS - Downhaul the sail so the leech is loose down to the 4th batten. An extra 1cm or so on the outhaul is necessary as well. PURE DOWNWIND SPEED (i.e. speed runs on a broad course) - Let off the outhaul to a neutral or 1-2cm negative position. Neutral or negative outhaul will increase twist and give a more powerful foil.
UPWIND PERFORMANCE - Apply an extra centimetre of outhaul. This will tighten the lower leech and flatten the foil.
UNDERPOWERED - Release a little downhaul (so the leech is loose to batten 3) and set outhaul to around 1-2cm positive.
Cam Spacers
The small plastic pieces supplied with your sail are to fine tune the amount of pressure on the mast from each camber inducer. Too little pressure and the foil is not locked in to the mast and the sail loses efficiency. Too much pressure and the cams will be difficult to rotate, with the added risk of breaking the batten or even mast!
Mast Choice
The Speed Pro's flex-top characteristics make it the best choice for downwind speed in well powered and speed sailing conditions Superior low-end power and acceleration for blasting and slalom are achieved using the Ultimate Pro or Carbon 75

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