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Hand built using pre-impregnated carbon materials and heat cured in an autoclave the Carbon 75 is a high quality structural laminate at an attainable price level. This mast brings near-professional levels of performance and feel to the recreational sailor.
Incredibly light, with a carbon/glass ratio of 3/1, the quality of the laminate together with the ‘ProTec’ coating on the entire lower half ensures its durability both in the boom area and anywhere camber inducers engage the mast. The upper half is finished in natural silk carbon for minimum weight, low centre of gravity and fast reflex response.
The Carbon 75 is a particularly versatile mast, built tough for wave use yet offering the light, efficient feel demanded by many slalom racers.

For budget-concious freeride and crossover sailors, the FreeWave 45 is a good alternative.
Wave sailors seeking a more neutral feel in transitions and snappier power delivery should look towards the RD Wave or RD 60
Racers and freeride sailors looking for top performance will benefit from the lighter weight Ultimate Pro mast.

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