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Tushingham Bolt 7.0mt On Offer.

Tushingham Bolt 7.0mt On Offer.Tushingham Bolt 7.0mt On Offer.Tushingham Bolt 7.0mt On Offer.

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// Bolt Series

A new freeride series from Tushingham "The Bolt".
A sail range that changes in style and configuration as it increases in size but maintains a lightweight, smooth feeling throughout. It replaces the ‘Storm', ‘T4', ‘Lightning' and the ‘Edge'with one sail range that changes style as it increases in size; Freemove, Freestyle, Freeride and Freerace are now all condensed into one super accessible package.
For riders with specific requirements the specialist sails remain , The Rock for hardcore wave, the X-15 for speed/slalom and of course, the championship winning XR Race together with the full range of entry level sails (Start, Dino, Concept and Easy).

In sizes from 4.0m up to 6.5m extensive use is made of the PBX05 Aramid laminate already proven in the ‘Rock', combined with a new ‘Load Dispersion System‘. This transfers loads across the sail from the clew to reduce stress and stabilise the foil for a very balanced feeling. An added integrated tack pulley across the whole range makes rigging easier and a strengthened adjustable head cap system on the sails where used.
4.0mt; 4.5mt;5.0mt; 5.25mt
This four batten configuration covers the sizes 4.0mt to 5.25mt.Its been designed to feel incredibly light in the hands for manoeuvre orientated sailing but still retains good top end.
With large amounts of PXB05 Aramid and other laminates used throughout, combined with the new Load Dispersion System, its a well built sail, built to last.

An awesome sail for the high wind freerider, bump and jump,intermediate wave rider or budding freestyle sailor.

- Re Designed adjustable head cap
- PBX05 Aramid throughout
- 4 batten compact design
- Load Dispersion System
- Integrated tack pulley
5.5mt; 5.75mt; 6.0mt; 6.5mt
As the sail gets bigger there is an extra batten to lock in the stable smooth power and to make sure the additional load doesn't cause the leech to break away. Sharing the full laminate construction of its 4 batten sibling, it has the durability of the smaller sails.A classic bump and jump all round free ride sail that can still be used in waves on those lighter wind days.Smooth power delivery and lightweight manoeuvrable feel.


- PBX05 Aramid throughout
- 5 batten
- Load Dispersion System
- Integrated tack pulley
In sizes 7.0mt upwards, the design has moved to a more traditional lighter wind freeride set up where the PBX05 has been replaced with monofilm for weight saving without any loss of performace.The same panel layout has been retained to make sure the sizes have the same handling characteristics. The Bolt builds on the design of the test winning T4 with a cut out clew allowing shorter boom lengths,easier rigging and improved handling. Perfect for masterblasters who want to race their mates and speed round gybes without the hassle of cams.


- Developed from the award winning T4
- 6 batten
- Load Dispersion System
- Integrated tack pulley
- Cut out clew to reduce boom length
7.8mt;8.5mt; 9.5mt
The Bolts largest three sizes come with two roller cams to lock in the camber for maximum low end power combined with high end stability.Amazingly forgiving in choppy or gusty conditions and have a huge tuning range which offers an accessible route into slalom or high performance fun freeride sailing.With the twin cam configuration,more so than any of the other Bolt sizes, the rigging instructions truly aid the rigging process.<

- Twin Cam
- Easy rigging
- Load Dispersion system
- 7 Batten
- Cut out clew to reduce boom length
- Integrated tack pulley
With the new range, Tushingham have carefully considered luff lengths and bend curves to make sure that the majority of the range can be rigged on the smallest number of masts and also on the biggest range of models. Below is a chart showing the ideal mast for each sail but also the range of sails that each mast will cover.

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