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Starboard Rio 2015 On Offer!

Starboard Rio 2015 On Offer!

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// 2015 Starboard Rio

The all-new 2015 models are new 2015 shapes and take the ratio of glide, traction and stability to a new level. With thinner bat wings, drag is reduced and glide improved. With boxier rails, stability is improved and the flat area of the deck around the mast track is larger. With the contoured deck shape, the board remains the easiest board in the world to get into the footstraps. It features a new daggerboard system using Starboard's Clipperbox system with a new replaceable and ultra durable rubber lips system. The daggerboard itself is new, with an integrated handle. The new Rio S is longer for added glide and longitudinal traction. The Rio Small is 180 litres and 76cm wide: great for youngsters taking their first steps into windsurfing or light to medium weight adults as a progression board.
The Rio Medium is 206 litres and 81.5cm wide: the most popular size for adults looking for a board that offers enough stability for learning plus a good introduction to more advanced manoeuvres and planing.
The Rio Large is 233 litres and 85.5cm wide: the best size for complete beginners in schools and for heavier and less confident riders as a first-time package.

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