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Starboard Futura 2017 -fast freeride

The all-new Futuras are shorter, thinner and wider for more wind range and planing efficiency.The 2017 Futuras have focused on improving early planing, accessibility and performance in the jibe. The jibe is super easy, you can close your eyes and just jibe.The narrower tail improves jibing while the added area above the cut-aways improve the jibe exit speed without affecting straight line performances.
All Futuras use the equivalent size iSonic rockerline, the basis for their top racing performance.They have an extra thin profile with a deep deck concave for maximum control, the lowest centre of gravity and a more efficient, vertical sail position.
Open-angle cut-away shapes prevent water trapping, reduce turbulence and wetted area to release more top end speed.
The 2017 Futuras have more Vee throughout the hull for improved jibing, added comfort and a more lively ride.
Resulting from the same design program as the iSonics, the Futuras have added volume above the cut-aways which helps to keep speed in and out of the jibe.
The Futuras are fitted with Drake flagship’s Slalom DW Ready to Race fins, top-end production fins that will bring out the best in the Futuras. The Slalom DW model provides huge amounts of speed and acceleration with a great jibing ability. Two construction options available for the 2017 Futura

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