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Starboard Freeride Windsup and Concept rig Package 2015


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- Starboard Freeride SUP 12'2" x 29.5" and Tushingham Concept Rig

Save £346.00 than by buying in separate components!
The best of both worlds - no wind, no matter, enjoy the water.
As windsurf boards, they bring back the essence of relaxed, summer windsurfing: sharing windsurfing with your friends and family, gliding along powered by a gentle breeze. Suitable for everyone, regardless of their level. In very light winds, the glide is also very nice, with small accelerations at every gust. The water flow around the board is very interesting and natural. You can feel the board gliding, with the hull penetrating the water nicely. It’s very forgiving and versatile.
It’s awesome to be able to enjoy such a board, which is nicely balanced thanks to the center fin. The transition between planing and non-planing is smooth and efficient.The WindSUP Freeride is aimed at everyone looking for a very fun toy for light wind conditions. It’s for anyone looking to rediscover windsurfing the way it was back in the day, with a performing board that remains accessible and that provides good sensations and an overall nice feeling.
The ASAP models are built in Starboard’s ultra-strong ASAP construction, with a thermo-EVA rail finish for user friendliness and added durability. The ASAP models are fitted with a fixed center fin instead of a retractable daggerboard: they keep the weight low and make the boards more efficient for paddleboarding and light wind windsurfing. In stronger winds, the user must return to the beach to remove the center-fin manually. br/ As a Stand-up-paddle board, the Freeride opens up the door to the wonderful world of an entirely new sport: paddle boarding. Stand up, enjoy the view and paddle out to sea, explore the coast line and surf the waves.The Whopper is extremely stable at 33 inches wide,it provides stability to paddle through the most turbulent white water and other difficult conditions. Maneuvering the board is simple as it turns very easily on the spot and its stability makes it a breeze to paddle into waves. Almost impossible to nosedive, it catches even the smallest waves with ease, making SUP even more fun. The Whopper continues to surprise with amazingly good wave riding characteristics for it’s width.

THE Freeride 12'2"'x29.5"" ASAP Windsup PACKAGE FEATURES:
- Starboard Freeride 12' x 29.5"
- Fixed length Starboard Tiki Tech fixed paddle, medium size
- Leash
- Tushingham Concept rig, 4.5mt; 5.5mt or 6.5mt complete Windsurf rig

The all-new Tushingham Concept rig is light, manoeuvrable and handles impeccably. It surprised our testers by delivering easier handling and a wider wind-range than even their high expectations!
Top quality components are supplied in the rig package :
• High performance lightweight freeride sail - The Concept
• 45% Carbon mast
• Alloy Monocoque boom
• Complete mast base & Uphaul

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