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Slingshot Celeritas 2015 versatile surf


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Slingshot Celeritas 2015 - Versatile surf

Sizes: 5'6" x 18.5" x 2.25" Thickness (Volume 23.75 Litres)
Sizes: 5'8" x 18.5" x 2.25" Thickness (Volume 26.0 Litres)
Sizes: 5'11" x 20.0" x 2.50" Thickness (Volume 32.0 Litres)

The Slingshot Celeritas 2015 is so versatile it is a blast to ride in small mushy surf but also holds it own in good medium surf.
The 2015 Celeritas continues to deliver controlled progressive performance year after year. The combination of its short “trunk” style, aggressive concave, curvy outline and simple thumb tail makes the Celeritas one of the most versatile shapes in the industry. The Celeritas also features a fast rocker line that blends from the center to the tail giving this board off the chart speed. The fast rocker line maintains perfect control while the balanced surface area allows the board to have extra lift and control in between turns. This year’s Celeritas also features a tri-fin FCS II setup. our Fluid X Dampening System which reduces vibration and improves feel. Also new this year, Slingshot is the first brand to incorporate the new FCSII fin system… no more tools, no more headaches!

The Slingshot Celeritas 2015 is a short “trunk” style board, with exaggerated concave and curvy tail lines. It also features a fast centre rocker that blends from the centre to the tail giving this board off the charts speed while maintaining perfect control.
The 2015 Celeritas also comes with Slingshot’s new insert layout for easier strap installation and industry compatible high impact fin system that provides extra protection and lets you put more power in your wave riding. This innovative board excels everywhere from your favorite local spot to that undiscovered paradise you’re always searching for.
The Celeritas is perfect for riders looking for an innovative board that excels in small wave conditions or the rider looking to set new standards at their local spot. It’s faster than fast.

Comes with:
-Slingshot Celeritas deck
- 2 x 4.65” asymmetrical MT - mini tuttle surf fins
- 1 x 4.5” symmetrical MT - mini tuttle surf fins
- Pre-installed traction surf pads

- 2 x Surf Straps

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