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Pro CSC 2016


5’3’’ x 17 5/8’’ x 2’’
5’5’’ x 18 1/8’’ x 2 3/16’’
5’7’’ x 18 5/16’’ x 2 5/16’’

Small to medium high waves & strapless freestyle
Snappy top turns & tight bottom turns
Good wave freestyleboard - no inserts
Best pop for airs
Good traveling through the turns
Light team construction

The Pro CSC was a radical change of direction for our famous Pro Series board last year. The 2016 design has been refined even further to keep the board at the very cutting edge of the sport.
It excels in small to medium sized waves, offering predictable grip and stability while still enabling you to explode off the lip and link fast snappy turns on the wave. Although the Pro CSC is at the very top of our range it is still very easy to ride whilst also being forgiving, making it suitable for a wide range of riders.
The deep double concave in the nose, helps to separate the water and prevent the front of the board from burying on big steep waves. The top deck features a scooped double concave area under foot. This lowers the centre of gravity on the board as well as increasing the contact area of the foot, both of these attributes hugely increase grip and control. The lightweight construction and compact shape also make the Pro CSC perfect for airs and freestyle tricks.
If you want the ultimate surfboard to progress your level in the waves and in the air the Pro CSC is it.

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