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Nobile 50/50 2012 - freestyle focused

The Nobile 50/50 is a hybrid C-kite that has a wider arc than other kites with quite a large flat surface area at the top of the canopy. It’s a fun kite dedicated to all freestyle and new-school enthusiasts. It’s fast and features excellent unhooked performance. Lift and pop combined with constant power and nice pull during the whole turning process makes it a great kite for all freestyle and new school riders.
Bigger sizes of the kite feature amazing turning speed. Unlike some other freestyle focused kites, Nobile’s 50/50 also features great stability and a direct feeling, which makes it a great kite for freeriding and wave riding too. The 50/50 is ideal for anyone who is not too worried about absolute wakestyle performance, but wants something with all around high performance. Riders who are just starting the kiteboarding experience should also not be afraid of this kite. Even though it’s a high performance model, it still features super fast relaunch and is easy to control.
50Fifty features super fast, thin profile. In the middle of the kite you will find the floating strut. Not only it's lightweight, but also absorbs the vibrations caused by sudden gusts of wind and eliminates fluttering of the kite. Additionally, side struts were redesigned. Thanks to aerodynamics – based innovations, the kite is fast (less drag), quickly loses it's power when necessary (you'll appreciate this feature while performing new school tricks) and features excellent depower. Large surface kite wing tips improve kite's agility and secure accurate (not too much) bar pressure.
50Fifty is a powerful kite, that replies with excellent lift and POP combined with constant power while performing tricks. Impressive speed, nice pull during the whole turning process, stability, direct feeling, great unhooked performance and easy relaunch make it the kite of choice for freestyle and new school riders, like Mike „The Knife” Blomvall, Eudazio Da Silva and Carlos Madson.50Fifty's versatile construction makes it a great kite also for freeride and wave riding.
• Powerful and fast freestyle/new school kite for advanced and intermediate riders
• New, thin profile
• Excellent lift and POP
• Positive but not hard bar pressure
• Great unhooked performance
• 5-Strut Layout – reduced flatter, improved rigidity
• Constant power
• Huge wind range
• Quick & easy relaunch
• “Catch-free” valves location
• Reinforced, double Dacron bridle attachment points
• Fully featured kite bag

5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14 m2 Tested by Kiteworld Magazine April '12:"all round high performance"
" Its an instant grin making machine"
" We rode it at both ends of its wind range and it coped beautifully in each, performing especially well in its low end and seemingly getting better and better the more wind was thrown at it"
" Generates a huge amount of lift, this kite really like to go 'boing'."

Vapor 2 2008 Nobile Control bar system

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